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Tarrant County College

Students Call Police On Muslim Prof



James Mashburn, a professor at Tarrant County College, scared students when he showed up to astronomy class with his face covered, demanded the lights stay off, and started ranting about Islam, reported The Collegian

Tarrant County College suspended the professor and is launching an investigation. But what point is this guy trying to make, wearing two caps, a hood, and what seems to be underwear on his face and reading Qur’an verses to a solar system class?

He’s tired of hiding in the shadows, so he turns the lights off in class and decks himself out like an assassin? I mean, that’s not even any kind of traditional Muslim garb. All but two of Mashburn’s students left class before it ended.

Police didn’t find any weapons on the professor, so maybe he was just messing around. As for the layers of clothing, Mashburn said that he follows the Qur’an and washes his skin several times a day. His skin has become dry, so he covers it for protection. Well, that could be true and we wouldn’t want his hands to crack, although that might not be the only type of crack the professor has.


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