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University of Connecticut

Muslim Prof Told Students To Praise Allah, Take Off Shoes



University of Connecticut professor Felix Coe required students to take off their shoes and say “Bismillah,” — which means “in the name of Allah” — before coming into his office, reported Fox News.

Yeah, I don’t know how that would fly if it was a Christian professor. Maybe Felix should’ve paid attention when reading the paperwork for his position at the University of Connecticut. Not that it really matters now; the school said that the professor has retired since the filming of the video. A spokeswoman said “the sign that had directed guests to precede their conversations with a specific Arabic phrase was immediately removed at the university’s direction. UConn promptly resolved the issue in a manner that respects the rights of all involved, and affirms the university’s values of civility and inclusivity.”

Yes! FINALLY a college that doesn’t completely bastardize the concept of inclusivity. Inclusivity IS supposed to mean that I can go to this guy’s office hours and have a conversation about ethnobotany, which is what he apparently taught, without having it “in the name of Allah.”

As for the taking off shoes part: I’m kind of like Jordan Peterson with the gender pronouns. I’d do it if I believed the person asking me were doing so out of civility or to keep a clean house in this case, but if I thought for even a second that they meant to compel me to do it in a public space, whether through the force of the state or their god, it’s a no. 


College Admin Arrested After Stealing Conservative Journalist’s Speech



Who do you think got arrested at the University of Connecticut? Was it Catherine Gregory, the college employee who stole conservative journalist Lucian Wintrich’s speech, or was it the journalist, who tried to stop her from stealing his notes? Let’s find out.

It won’t shock you to find out that it was Wintrich. After a couple of weeks, the University of Connecticut police finally dropped the breach of peace charge against Wintrich and charged Gregory with disorderly conduct and attempted sixth-degree larceny, according to The Daily Caller.

Gregory’s attorney said that Gregory, who is the associate director of career services and advising at the nearby Quinebaug Valley Community College, had stolen the papers as a form of protest. Wintrich had something to say to me about that:

“Her attorney’s statement was next-level deranged; if we start claiming theft is just good-hearted ‘protesting,’ then America is in big trouble. Fortunately, the system is self-correcting. With the thief facing jail time and the state dropping the ‘breach of peace’ charge, today was a major win. It wasn’t just for me, but for the future of free speech on college campuses.”

Now, what was the great threat that forced the well-mannered Gregory to steal Wintrich’s notes? What kind of cruelty and callousness compelled the students to shout him down for a half-hour? What was so unbearably offensive that it triggered cries of “go home, Nazis,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “f*** you”? Don’t tell me it was Wintrich’s speech, “It’s OK to be white,” the name of which the University of Massachusetts-Boston even begged him to change before another event.

Honestly, it’s so easy to rile up millennials these days. These campus crybullies live in a constant state of pandemonium, bouncing along from one temper tantrum to the next in a never-ending cycle of outrage. Well, so long as daddy’s paying the tuition and sympathetic, appeasing administrators are keeping order on campus, that is. But when the ivy tower, echo chamber paradise dissolves and real life sets in, some students will be in for a rude awakening.

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