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Pratt Institute

Puzzle Book Tries To Shame ICE Agents



Chiara Treglia, a student studying out of New York City’s Pratt Institute, created for ICE agents a puzzle book with a cover reading “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN & YOUR MORALS!” according to Campus Reform. There’s one maze where the ICE agents are expected to connect a young boy back to parents from whom he’d been separated. There’s also one of those “spot the difference” pair of pictures. The first one has a kid with her mom and dad on her fifth birthday. Then on her sixth birthday, the dad’s being escorted out the door, presumably for being illegal. Chiara apparently thinks it’s normal for the mom and kid to still be smiling and celebrating while the dad’s hauled off.

The student’s project is part of the Pratt Institute’s Undocumented Design studio, which partners with New York City’s New Sanctuary Coalition, which, in turn, helps illegals who are trying to avoid deportation and detention.

Now, the real question here isn’t “oh are ICE agents going to do these six-year-old activities and be persuaded into thinking they’re actually evil?” I doubt it: if you have that job nowadays, you’re probably immune to media or so-called “scholarly” activist hysteria. But this is part of a trend in campus hostility to the law.

Remember when Border Patrol agents tried to present during a career day at the University of Arizona back in March?


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