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University of Kansas

Telling Kid To Learn English Gets Prof SUSPENDED



“Diversity” is the word of the day here on Campus Unmasked. And when we say “diversity,” we mean embracing multiculturalism to the point where you can’t assume that your neighbor shares one of the most integral building blocks of society — a common language — with you. Not only can you not assume that, but you can get suspended from your job for even suggesting that they learn it.

Gary Minden, an engineering professor at the University of Kansas, saw an international student in his class using Google Translate and suggested that the kiddo “learn English,” according to The College Fix. After this heinous crime, the school suspended Gary and assigned another instructor to his class. The professor said that the international student didn’t take offense, but other students did.

Gary apparently ended up having to have an hour-long conversation with students. He said “As the discussion evolved, I started asking simple questions, ‘What would you do? How would you do it?’ Things like that” “Unfortunately I didn’t manage the class and many students were upset.”

There needs to be some social stigma pushing you to learn English. Whether the international student was embarrassed by Gary’s comment or simply took it logically and said “yeah, I better learn English if I want a good job in America,” it’s important to have that cultural pressure.

University of California Santa Cruz

‘Angry White Male Studies,’ An Actual College Course



If you attend the University of Kansas, you have the great privilege of taking this course called “Angry White Male Studies,” according to Campus Reform. It’s three credits and it doesn’t matter if you’re a women’s, gender, and sexuality studies student or a general humanities student because the course is cross-listed in both departments.

The course apparently “charts the rise of the ‘angry white male’ in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger.”

Yes, yes, let’s pathologize people based on their gender and skin color, but only if they’re white men. I guess Dinesh D’Souza is right, “the Democrats are the real racists!” I reached out to Christopher Forth, the very white male teaching this course, for some examples he’ll use in class, but he was too craven to respond in time for press. Or maybe he just had a really intense self-flagellation session, I don’t know.

I’m willing to bet though that Trump will get more than a passing mention in this course. Speaking of the president, the University of California – Santa Cruz has a course on Trump’s “potential impeachment” called “Trajectories of Justice: Standing Rock, Climate Change, and Trump’s Potential Impeachment,” reported Campus Reform. It’ll discuss Trump’s “neglect of duty” with regard to climate change.

Now, to be fair, the course will look at Alan Dershowitz’s book The Case Against the Democratic House Impeaching Trump, but, get this, the course outright admits that it will use the “context of progressive American history.”

So from outright teaching about “angry white males” to admitting you’re studying a subject through only a progressive lens, the libs sure aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to masking their bias. It’s the mark of a faction that is supremely confident. But confidence can quickly turn to arrogance, which certainly can be manipulated.

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