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Yale University

Yale Cancels Classes For Kavanaugh Protest



Let me introduce you to Professor James Forman Jr., who teaches criminal and constitutional law at Yale. James is one of up to 20 Yale Law faculty members who cancelled or rescheduled as many as 31 classes on Monday, according to Campus Reform. This prioritization of activism and virtue signalling over actual learning by one of the most elite schools in the country became public knowledge because of one Miss Dana Bolger, a Yale law student and an editor for that social justice cesspit of a site known as Feministing. Dana merrily tweeted out Professor Forman’s cancellation of his criminal law course and then helpfully proceeded to direct me to other professors who were also cancelling or rescheduling their courses to accommodate the anti-Kavanaugh lynch mob.

This kind of reminds me of how I found about the Texas State student who kicked and punched pro-life signs on campus all because of another progressive student who was sympathetic to the cause but not forward-thinking enough to consider how the video she posted might look to people who weren’t actually insane.

Anyway, back to Yale Law School. Not everyone supported the professors who cancelled or rescheduled class. Student Emily Hall said “While I respect the right of the students protesting to make their voices heard, I disagree with professors’ decisions to cancel classes at the request of those protesters. It effectively encourages students to participate in the protests and penalizes those who choose not to by disrupting the class schedule.”

Disruption’s a rather mild way to put it. I don’t want to have to reschedule my class just because my classmates are a bunch of unhinged banshees with a guilty-before-proven-innocent ideology and I definitely don’t want to miss the class entirely, particularly in the super competitive field of Ivy League law. This social justice thing is starting to sound pretty unjust.

Yale University

Yale Scholar: Avoid White Men ‘To Stay Alive’



Police in Virginia arrested a man accused of killing five people, including his parents, and Emily Jane O’Dell, a Yale University Islamic Law fellow, commented that “the real national emergency is armed white men.”

Now while whites do commit the most crime absolutely in America, that isn’t a shock: whites are over 60% of the population.  Proportionately, they do not commit the most crime. But this isn’t just a one-off case for the Yale scholar.

After the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre, Emily tweeted “Should white men be required by law to attend re-education centers to help prevent mass shootings (not to mention widespread domestic violence)?”

Re-education…as though their whiteness imparts some kind of knowledge to them. Despite her numerous degrees, Emily seems not to understand that race is an immutable characteristic, not an ideology. You can call someone a white supremacist murderer, but being white is, itself, not a belief system. Speaking of ideological killers, I doubt the Islamic law scholar throws around the term “radical Islamic terrorism” too often.

When she’s not suggesting whiteness is responsible for murders, Emily muses about revolution, asking her followers if, when it comes, “white men should suffer or should they be given a chance to reform?” “What should we do with all the old white men?” and “My 70 year old female neighbor said we should shoot them. Guess there’s lots of anger about.”

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