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University of Louisville

Prof Critical Of Kids Becoming Trans Gets Demoted



Allan Josephson, a professor at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, is
suing his school, claiming it violated his free expression and due process, reported Campus Reform.

Allan was speaking on a Heritage Foundation panel about gender dysphoria and saying some pretty mild-mannered stuff along the lines of “hey, maybe we shouldn’t totally throw biology out the window in favor of the ‘everything is a social construct’ mindset.”

But Allan’s remarks apparently ticked off some of his colleagues, who demanded that the school punish him. The University of Louisville demoted him and then, in February, announced it wouldn’t be renewing his contract, so they’re essentially firing him.

The professor’s argument amounted to criticizing parents who, if their six-year-old son puts on a dress one day and says “hey, look at me, I’m Princess Peach,” drop everything and give him estrogen shots, testosterone blockers, lop off a certain part of his body.

And this address of Allan’s — calm, collected, compelling, and delivered at an establishment conservative think tank — is how controversial you have to be to lose your job as a professor in the current year.


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