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Prof Banned After Planning Anti-Kavanaugh Trip



Former University of Southern Maine economics and women’s and gender studies professor Susan Feiner apparently hit up her buddy Gabriel Demaine, a diversity and inclusive programming coordinator at USM to propose a one-credit course for students. I got forwarded an email from Demaine which read:

“Students can earn 1 credit FREE for enrolling in this Pop-Up course on ‘Engaged Citizenship.’ The requirements of the pop-up include: busing overnight to Washington, D.C. to join activists, political action groups, and social justice organizations to meet with Sen. [Susan] Collins,” as reported in Campus Reform.

I don’t know about you, but if I lived in Maine, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with my tax dollars funding such naked activism. Anyway, Susan Feiner was also going to send students a survey which said “check all that apply,” followed by statements like “I am a survivor and willing to share my story to the public (Livestream, rally, press)” and “I am interested in civil disobedience/willing to get arrested (Bail is about $50/arrest. Please have a plan).”

Susan went to D.C. earlier in October, but her little “course,” planned for the same day, was never approved by the university because USM President Glenn Cummings stepped in and said “This pop-up-course was hastily arranged, without the knowledge of the Provost or myself. It was not appropriately reviewed nor went through proper channels. As soon as the Provost and I were apprised of the course, we immediately pulled the one-credit offering. We also made sure that no USM monies were being used for the trip.”

I, for once, don’t have any snarky remark to make because this is exactly what they should have done. Once they retire, professors often still teach a few courses but Susan Feiner, who actually retired three months ago, won’t be, at least at any University of Maine campus, because Cummings has barred her from doing so. 


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