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University of Central Florida

Muslim Wants Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear Hijab



 A University of Central Florida student refused to wear a hijab on World Hijab Day and for that crime against humanity, one of the Muslim students tried to get her expelled, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“I’m in the back of the first pic…and I invited you to try one on and you said ‘no thank you,’” said the Muslim student. “You didn’t take the time to even ask questions or try to understand what Hijab is. That’s ignorant of you. You literally sprinted after taking the photos. Pathetic.”

“TWITTER DO YOUR THING,” continued the Muslim student. “Let’s get this girl expelled. Email the UCF Office of Student Conduct and send them Kathy’s tweet, including the photos of her thread. Ignorance will not be tolerated on my campus.”

Here, let me translate that for you; “ignorance” here is social justice speak for rightful wariness or simply not wanting to wear a headscarf! Zhu identified the Muslim as health studies student Rayyan Sukkarieh.

So what happened with Sukkarieh’s little campaign? The University of Central Florida said it “received a number of emailed complaints suggesting that disciplinary action be taken against students involved in a disagreement being played out via social media. Upon review, neither student’s actions as reported to the university violate our Rules of Conduct.”

Oh really? Well, let’s take a look at those rules of conduct. “Discriminatory harassment…verbal, physical, electronic or other conduct based on a protected category which…has the purpose or effect of creating an objectively intimidating, hostile or offensive educational or work environment; and has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s employment, schooling, or business with the University.” Interfere with someone’s schooling hmmm…well Sukkarieh did try to get Zhu expelled, right? There’s also a bullying provision.

Now, here’s the thing, I’m super skeptical about college-level punishments for bullying, harassment, all of this stuff. The definitions are nebulous, subjective and ripe for exploitation by petty faculty members with agendas to push. But I’m also against hypocrisy. And if the evil Trump voter Zhu had antagonized the sweet little Muslim Sukkarieh, you can bet this story would’ve had a different ending.


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