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ADL Pays Students To Fight ‘Hate’



The Anti-Defamation League has launched a campaign called “Innovate Against Hate” at 20 colleges across the United States. Student teams will be ”designing, piloting and implementing social or digital initiatives with the goal of countering hate and extremism while promoting values of fairness, equity and inclusion.” Ah of course, “equity,” code for equality of outcome. Let’s replace hate and extremism with the completely mainstream concept of cultural Marxism, which isn’t hateful and hasn’t led to the deaths of millions.

The ADL will give each of its 20 teams $1,000 plus $500 worth of Facebook ad money. 

Jewish groups like the Coalition for Jewish Values have called out the ADL for tarring “mainstream conservatives with guilt by association” and ignoring left-wing anti-Semitism. The CJV said the 2017 list of “Alt Right” figures [published by the ADL] is a frightening depiction of American evil” but that the “list of the “Alt Lite,” by contrast, is an often embarrassing exercise in demonization.” The CJV suggests that the ADL catalogues Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, who founded Students for Justice in Palestine and has called for an American intifada, Linda Sarsour, an activist who supported a woman who killed Hebrew University students and defends the pretty anti-feminist Saudi Arabia, and Black Lives Matter activist Rachel Gilmer, who, in the group’s platform, accused Israel of genocide.

To be clear, all forms of identity-based collectivism are cancer to democracy, but left-wing activists like those at the ADL want to have their cake and eat it too, condemning white nationalist groups while ignoring or embracing groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, third-wave feminists, etc.

The ADL’s campaign against so-called hate isn’t just biased and hypocritical — it’s also incredibly ironic. Let’s not kid ourselves; “Innovate Against Hate’s” campus activists will be of the same mindset as its media promulgators like Mara Rose Williams, who advertised the campaign with this delightful picture of a poster saying “hate speech is not free speech.” Of course, that patently false notion will, in turn, only increase the amount of “hate speech” by those who rightfully fear that the weight of the government or private corporations will be deployed to appease perpetually aggrieved social justice harpies.


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