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Pro-Palestinian Students Support Terrorism



The Israeli-Palestinian debate is an intense one, packed with questions of history, demography, and land disputes. But why does it always seem like it’s one side of the debate that’s shutting down events, making violent threats (or actually taking violent action), and just generally acting really immature?

Students from numerous universities gathered in October for the 2017 National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference at the University of Houston. Some of them weren’t just pro-Palestinian, but have spread misinformation and actively incited violence, watchdog group Canary Mission found.

Take Samer Alhato, for instance, a Saint Xavier University student and workshop leader at the 2017 NSJP. Alhato tweeted “Barack Obama, shut up about gay marriage and go kill all the Jews.” He’s also made no secret that he’s a fan of terrorist group Hamas, saying “YES I SUPPORT HAMAS!” and “Hamas promotes peace.”

When discussing the tragic shooting of children in Israel, Alhato lies by omission, saying “Marah al Bakri a 15 year old girl shot by Jewish settlers & the Israeli police, accusing her of carrying a knife,” leaving out the part when al Bakri stabbed the Israeli policeman who proceeded to shoot and injure her in self-defense. The student also said “Jewish settlers in east Jerusalem executed 3 school children…one of them was a 14 year-old boy,” but didn’t include the part after the attack where the teen reportedly said he “went there to stab Jews” nor any of the footage showing him and his brother chasing after a man with knives.

Also present at the NSJP Conference was Halima Eid, a member of San Diego State University’s Muslim Students Association. It’s perfectly okay if a person doesn’t agree with the concept of  Zionism, but Eid takes what could be an interesting conversation a little bit further, suggesting that “we should just stone all the Zionists to death, Palestinian style,” saying “I would never kill a human or animal…only Zionists cuz they are neither,” and really seeming to get into it with “let your killing go crazy…Zionist Massacre…Make them all drop.”

For the record, the term Zionist has been twisted into a pejorative by both Palestinians and the Left. Zionism, in reality, is a belief in the self-determination of the Jewish people and their right to a homeland in Israel. Gee, who else believes they have a right to their own nation on legal and historical grounds? Could it be just about every people on the planet, including Palestinians?

Vigorous debates, peaceful protests, these things are what college is about. But calling for violence, making it impossible for the speakers to speak, those tactics won’t solve anything. And regardless of your political beliefs, after seeing events on campus the past couple of years, it’s clear that the left has a lot to learn.


UC Berkeley Defends Illegal Immigrant Student



Border Patrol agents recently arrested a University of California, Berkeley student by the name of Luis Mora. Mora is an illegal alien and one who is not eligible for Barack Obama’s DACA program, reported Campus Reform. He awaits a bond hearing next Wednesday.

Let’s take a look at some of the harsh realities. Mora is an illegal alien adult who hopes to go to law school, yet can’t be trusted to follow the law himself. He also has his university, Berkeley, acting as his own personal PR agent. School chancellor Carol Christ links to a fundraiser for Mora’s bail, which is sitting at over 12,000 out of $15,000 and makes this statement:

“The university is currently working to ensure that the student has access to legal advice, attorney services and other resources necessary to mount what we hope will be a successful effort to end this detention….We have no intention of backing down from our fundamental commitment to justice and equity.”

Equity, as we know, is Newspeak for equality of outcome. And make no mistake, Christ isn’t talking about justice as in the law. No, this is social justice, a system in which Mora infringing upon the rights of the nation by living there illegally somehow means that he is the victim, he is the poor, oppressed little angel who must be helped at the expense of others. Justice here probably means he keeps the UC Berkeley spot your kid was denied…oh, and likely a job to boot down the line.

Let’s have a look at Mora’s lawyer Prerna Lal — who self-identifies as “queer.” Lal is employed by UC Berkeley as a law school supervisor and an immigration attorney for Berkeley’s undocumented student program. Taxpayer funded university, remember folks. Here’s some of the casual racism on his/her/its/XIRS Twitter feed: When talking about a potential nuclear apocalypse, “Ha! But there will be no white people. Win!” “Lessons from Quantico: don’t trust white men!” Responding to who in her community she’d bargain away, guess who: “white people.” Saying Charlottesville isn’t surprising because “in a way, white Americans are the original Nazis.” Would this be acceptable if said about any other race?


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College Student: It’s OK To Kill Little Kids



Students for Life of America captured a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville making the case for infanticide of kids up to two years old, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. The student compared two-year-olds to trees, suggesting that since they were not sentient, they could be murdered.

“Without communication, we have no way of knowing if you’re sentient or not,” said the student. “It’s no different than this tree. It’s alive. But is it sentient?”

“Can the two year old talk to me?” he continued. “Generally speaking, the child still has the inability to communicate.”

Besides advocating for murder while being condescending, how else does this student screw up his argument?

”Sentient” means that you’re “able to perceive or feel things.” Fetuses respond to touch while they’re still in the womb. And after birth, it requires a bit more than just basic sentience for a baby to recognize sounds and coo after three months, mimic syllables they hear after six months, and form short phrases by age two.

And then there’s the fact that sentience, in and of itself, is a really poor argument for whether or not we should murder creatures. Pigs are sentient — does that mean I’m going to do without bacon? No. I love bacon. How about we just leave the boundaries where they are — human life is unique and should be treated as such.

“The idea that someone could support infanticide is incredibly disturbing,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Yet, it reflects the kinds of attitudes our staff members and students can face on a daily basis on high school and college campuses.”

“When countries such as Iceland normalize the deliberate killing of babies with Down syndrome or states like California want to normalize abortion drugs on campuses, we should not be surprised when students display a wanton disregard for human life.”

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Brooklyn College

Just How Bad Is it to Be a Cop on Campus?



Police officers have been deemed public enemy #1 to a public besieged with police brutality propaganda. But college and university cops have to deal not only with personal smears, but also stand-down orders, weapon-bans, and even suggested limitations on their bathroom use.

Yes, bathroom “suggestions.” Last week, Brooklyn College told NYPD officers that while they were free to use the college’s restrooms, it would prefer that they use restrooms located in the school’s West End Building, “rather than walking across either quad to use the bathroom,” according to the New York Post.

Well that restroom’s toilet was broken and its seat smeared with stains. The Post also found no soap or paper towels there and a student claimed that two out of three of the restroom’s sinks are broken.

The Brooklyn College student body president attributes the students’ bad feelings to an NYPD operation on the campus a few years back to root out Islamic terrorists. One New York police officer called the students “insane” and said “protester culture is warping their f-ing minds.” Another said “it’s not like we’re invading their campus…we’re only going there to use the bathroom.”

But if the bathroom edict weren’t insulting enough, consider how Berkeley police were given a stand-down order, barring them from stopping violence between Trump supporters and Antifa during multiple incidents in 2017. Policies preventing the police from stopping violence before a life-threatening incident caused Ann Coulter to cancel her speech in April. But even when they can intervene, some college police departments might find themselves unprepared to do so. Stacy Brown, former police chief of The Evergreen State College, the site of a massive, viral riot in May 2017, resigned, stating that the school denied her department the rifles needed to carry out the job.

Now, to be fair, UC Berkeley did let its police arrest violent protesters during Ben Shapiro’s September speech at the university. But a cultural shift is still needed so that police aren’t actively prevented or even restrain themselves from doing their jobs for fear of being branded a bigot or intimidating in some other perceived way.

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