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Major Academic Organization Sued For Anti-Israel Takeover



The oldest scholarly group studying U.S. history and culture is getting sued for “covertly pack[ing]” its organization with anti-Israel professors.

Before 2012, no candidate chosen to head the American Studies Association had been associated with the Israeli boycott movement, according to The College Fix. For the past five years, ALL nominees were vocal supporters of the movement.

Some of the defendants in the case have a well-documented history of anti-Israel remarks. One of them, Steven Salaita, had a job offer rescinded after the discovery of these tweets:

“Zionists, take responsibility:  if your dream of an ethnocratic Israel is worth the murder of children, just f***ing own it already,” said the professor. In another tweet, Salaita said “at this point, if Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?

Salaita sued the University of Illinois for retracting his job offer, getting $600,000 out of the settlement.

Another defendant, Rutgers University women’s studies professor Jasbir Puar, is accused of making sure that “only signed supporters of USACBI [which advocates for both the academic and cultural boycott of Israel] were nominated for American Studies Association President.”

Alex Lubin, an American University professor whom Puar nominated for ASA’s national council, apparently wrote in one of the released emails that “we were nominated in order to build momentum for BDS even though the question of BDS in American Studies Association may or may not emerge while we’re on the council.”

Puar accused Israel of committing “field assassinations of young Palestinian men,” and then invoked the anti-Semitic trope that “the bodies were mined for organs for scientific research.”

But not every ASA member knew about the collusion between the group and the anti-Israel lobby. Puar allegedly kept it hidden from the organization’s general membership. John Stephens, executive director of the ASA, denied knowing about it, but then did a simple Internet search and discovered for himself that the names on an anti-Israel boycott proposal matched up with the names of several ASA officers who passed the group’s 2013 boycott of all Israeli schools, which ⅔ of the ASA’s voting members approved.

But the ASA did receive backlash for this decision. In just a month, over 80 US colleges condemned the vote and several colleges withdrew from the organization entirely. Israel does not seem to be the only issue on which the ASA is biased. Its current president, Kandice Chuh, “teaches courses in critical theory, aesthetics, race and intersectionality, queer theory, and decolonial studies,” subjects typically associated with the political left. Elizabeth Duggan and David Roediger, ASA presidents from 2014 to 2016, are apparently interested in and/or have authored books on “whiteness.”



Ohio State University

Prof Bans Students From Using ‘Illegal Immigrant’



An Ohio professor told one of his students that while they may use the term “illegal immigration,” he will not accept assignments with the term “illegal immigrant,” reported The Daily Caller.

If you take an Ohio State University sociology class, you might be lucky enough to get Victor Espinosa as your professor for “Sociology of Immigration.”

The professor asked his students to write an article about how immigration affects the United States and one of his students, Hannah Emerson, dared to use the term “illegal immigrant” in her submission.

Victor wrote a message to Emerson, saying “You should know that in this class, students will not be allowed to use the word ‘illegal’ to refer to an unauthorized immigrant. The use of the term ‘illegal’ by politicians and news media outlets…not only criminalizes undocumented workers, but it also dehumanizes, marginalizes, and racializes the people it seeks to describe.”

Professor Espinosa seems to be one of those guys who thinks life imitates art, not the other way around. Someone doesn’t become an illegal immigrant by our calling them that. We call them that because they’re illegally in the country. As for the racialize, marginalize, dehumanize drivel…yes, some races are more likely to illegally immigrate to America, yes, people who break the law deserve to be marginalized, but no, calling some “illegal” doesn’t make them any less human.

Victor told Hannah that “starting next week, any assignment or discussion post that uses the word ‘illegal immigrant’ to refer to an unauthorized immigrant will not be accepted.” But here’s the really funny part: the professor noted that while students couldn’t use “illegal immigrant,” they could say “illegal immigration.” I’m sure the reasoning behind that is something really compelling like “humans can’t be illegal!”

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Harvard Prof: Trump Is A ‘National Emergency’



Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig argued that the national emergency isn’t the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump said he may call it that if he doesn’t get the wall. No, according to Lessig, the real national emergency is President Trump, reported Raw Story.

Now to his credit, Lawrence calls himself a constitutionalist and he did serve as a clerk for conservative Judge Richard Posner and the late Justice Antonin Scalia. He ran as a Democrat for president in 2016, but dropped out because of insufficient funding. Get this, he actually had some kind words to say about Trump back then, saying Trump might be able to bring about campaign finance reform. But Lawrence isn’t the only Harvard professor to make the news lately.

Professor Cornel West suggested Americans are “losing the sense of collective project,” reported Campus Reform.

I agree! We’re losing our sense of collectiveness as Americans! We’re letting illegals invade our country and call themselves “undocumented citizens,” we’re letting cultural Marxism invade our textbooks and call itself scholarly wisdom. We’re letting so-called “provocative public intellectuals” like you invade our Twitter feeds while the social media stasi purges provocateurs who have the wrong opinions. We need to come together as a collective to fight that, isn’t that what you mean, Cornel?

The professor then proceeded to state that there is an “imperial meltdown in the American empire.”

Exactly how many colonies do you expect our king to lose, Cornel? And yes, please preach to me about integrity and compassion. those are the qualities motivating your employer, Harvard, as it revokes admission offers for memes exchanged in Facebook DMs, institutes penalties for kids who dare join single-gender frats and sororities, and discriminates against Asian American applicants — allegedly, don’t sue me — based on personality traits.

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Portland State University

Prof Could Get FIRED For Pranking SocJus Academics



Portland State philosophy professor Peter Boghossian, along with two others, figured they’d conduct an experiment and submit bogus articles on feminism, race studies, etc. to see if elite journals would fall for them, reported Campus Reform. Spoiler alert: they did. Peter and his trickster crew got seven articles published, ones ranging from “rape culture” in dog parks to a feminist version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. But social justice academics were not about to let Peter get away with making an utter fool of them.

Portland State’s Institutional Review Board requires researchers to get “informed consent” from “human subjects” before conducting their experiment. But, of course, asking people if you can prank them kind of defeats the whole point of pranking them.

Here’s my issue. It would be one thing if the experiment these guys ran totally backfired and the academic journals rejected all of the essays. But out of the 20 articles Peter and his team submitted, seven got approved, seven got denied, with the rest left in limbo. I don’t know about you, but to me, when it comes to separating hard-hitting genius from hocus pocus garbage, the role of scholarship, 50 percent doesn’t seem like too good of a score.

And while it’s unclear how Portland State’s going to punish Peter, a dozen faculty members wrote a letter bashing the professor’s experiment. They said that “the ‘hoaxes’ are simply lies peddled to journals, masquerading as articles. They are designed not to critique, educate or inspire change in flawed systems, but rather to humiliate entire fields.”

Hmmm…what both humiliates but also triggers social change? A bunch of liberal arts and sciences and humanities professors signed that letter, but not one of them seems to know the word “SATIRE.”

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