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Major Academic Organization Sued For Anti-Israel Takeover



The oldest scholarly group studying U.S. history and culture is getting sued for “covertly pack[ing]” its organization with anti-Israel professors.

Before 2012, no candidate chosen to head the American Studies Association had been associated with the Israeli boycott movement, according to The College Fix. For the past five years, ALL nominees were vocal supporters of the movement.

Some of the defendants in the case have a well-documented history of anti-Israel remarks. One of them, Steven Salaita, had a job offer rescinded after the discovery of these tweets:

“Zionists, take responsibility:  if your dream of an ethnocratic Israel is worth the murder of children, just f***ing own it already,” said the professor. In another tweet, Salaita said “at this point, if Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?

Salaita sued the University of Illinois for retracting his job offer, getting $600,000 out of the settlement.

Another defendant, Rutgers University women’s studies professor Jasbir Puar, is accused of making sure that “only signed supporters of USACBI [which advocates for both the academic and cultural boycott of Israel] were nominated for American Studies Association President.”

Alex Lubin, an American University professor whom Puar nominated for ASA’s national council, apparently wrote in one of the released emails that “we were nominated in order to build momentum for BDS even though the question of BDS in American Studies Association may or may not emerge while we’re on the council.”

Puar accused Israel of committing “field assassinations of young Palestinian men,” and then invoked the anti-Semitic trope that “the bodies were mined for organs for scientific research.”

But not every ASA member knew about the collusion between the group and the anti-Israel lobby. Puar allegedly kept it hidden from the organization’s general membership. John Stephens, executive director of the ASA, denied knowing about it, but then did a simple Internet search and discovered for himself that the names on an anti-Israel boycott proposal matched up with the names of several ASA officers who passed the group’s 2013 boycott of all Israeli schools, which ⅔ of the ASA’s voting members approved.

But the ASA did receive backlash for this decision. In just a month, over 80 US colleges condemned the vote and several colleges withdrew from the organization entirely. Israel does not seem to be the only issue on which the ASA is biased. Its current president, Kandice Chuh, “teaches courses in critical theory, aesthetics, race and intersectionality, queer theory, and decolonial studies,” subjects typically associated with the political left. Elizabeth Duggan and David Roediger, ASA presidents from 2014 to 2016, are apparently interested in and/or have authored books on “whiteness.”



University of Connecticut

Ex-Diversity Academic FINED For Giving Husband Fellowship



Up until recently, Charmane Thurmand worked as a graduate diversity officer at the University of Connecticut. As part of her job, Charmane helped distribute diversity fellowships. Now, in a normal world, the crazy part of this story would be that schools are giving out money based on people’s race, gender, etc. But this is clown world and so the really maddening part of Charmane’s tale is that she got a fellowship for her husband despite her husband not having the requisite degree to get the fellowship or having even applied for it, according to Campus Reform.

That’s not all. Charmane also tried to get her husband a graduate assistant position but not have him do any work. In total, Charmane secured her husband over $50,000 in graduate assistant salary, tuition waivers, and more from the University of Connecticut, all without the school’s permission. Charmane resigned before the school could punish her and moved to California. Of course she moved to California. But while she could run, she couldn’t hide, at least not from the law.

Connecticut’s State Ethics Office fined her $20,000 for violating an ethics code, with the Ethics Advisory Board chair saying “In light of the repeated, intentional nature of Ms. Thurmand’s conduct, for which she showed no regret, the Board determined that the maximum penalty was warranted.”

But Charmane isn’t going down without a fight. True to the social justicey nature of her former job, she has sued the University of Connecticut, claiming the school was wrong about the theft and pursued a “biased, racially [motivated,] and retaliatory investigation of the charges.” Because like we’ve seen countless times before and like we almost saw with Jussie Smollett, the race card is the get out of jail free card in modernity’s twisted game of Monopoly.

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University of Southampton

Prof Bashes Into Men For ‘Patriarchy Chicken’ Game



Charlotte Riley, a history professor at the University of Southampton, wrote a column in which she discussed a game she played on the train one morning called “Patriarchy Chicken.”

There’s only one rule, apparently, which is not moving aside for men. Charlotte says “if you don’t move out of the way for men, your commute changes. For one thing – I’m not going to lie about this – you do collide with a lot of men. This is where the name of the game comes from. You need to really commit to Patriarchy Chicken: don’t let your social instinct to step to the side kick in. Men are going to walk into you: that isn’t your fault.”

That’s right. You don’t need to be on the right side of the walkway, or I guess the left side since this is Britain, no, you should be able to walk on whichever side, go backwards, zig-zag, you name it. The only license you need is your XX chromosomes.

Charlotte continues, saying that the point of the game “is that men have been socialised, for their entire lives, to take up space. Men who would never express these thoughts out loud have nevertheless been brought up to believe that their right to occupy space takes precedent over anyone else’s right to be there. They spread their legs on tubes and trains, they bellow across coffee shops and guffaw in pubs, and they never, ever give way.”

You know who else liked taking up space? Well, if you pull out your old high school history vocab list, you might come across a little word called “lebensraum,” the need to capture space for the people in Nazi Germany to inhabit. This is why it’s OK to, you know, take action against both men and Nazis — many of whom, remember, were men! #YesAllMen

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Concord University

Student Gov BEGS Students To Protest



The student government at Concord University recently sent an email to students with the subject line, in all caps, reading “EMERGENCY. GUNS ON CAMPUS,” urging students to go to Charleston, West Virginia for a protest against a campus carry bill, according to Campus Reform. The email said “please, please, please be there. We need you.”

Talk about desperate. And that subject line isn’t fear-mongering at all: “EMERGENCY. GUNS ON CAMPUS.” Please. Get. Upset. So One marketing professor told her students she would not be taking roll on the day of the protest, urging students to go, and another news release, sent to students through a university admin email, said that “Concord University students are joining college and university students from across the state for a rally against House Bill 2519, The Campus Self Defense Act.”

Now keep that word “against” in mind when you hear Concord University’s response to one of my student reporters over at Campus Reform. The school said that the student government “organized a trip to Charleston to speak to lawmakers in the hopes that their voice would be considered in the decision-making process….All students were invited, regardless of where they stood on this issue.”

Riiiiight. So anyone could come…to the rally explicitly against the campus carry bill. How about I go cheer on the Washington Redskins in the Dallas Cowboy section of the stadium. I’m sure that will turn out just lovely. And you only need to open Facebook dot com to see the school’s real opinion of the bill.

Concord University President Kendra Boggess made a comment there saying I cannot understand it…party politics, the gun lobbies controlling the conversation…it’s absolutely beyond my ability to comprehend. We have argued, we have pleaded, we have lobbied….I’ll be glad to try anything to keep guns off our campuses, but we haven’t been successful so far.”

That West Virginia student government, which presumably gets fees from Concord University students, funded transportation to that rally.

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