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Linda Sarsour Appears on Anti-Semitism Panel… As Speaker, Not Case Study




Muslim-American activist Linda Sarsour, who has supported terrorists, was featured on a university panel on anti-Semitism Tuesday…but as a speaker, not a case study. The rest of the panel consisted of fellow left-wing activists.

This anti-Semitism panel reportedly touched a bit on legitimate bigotry like the “Jews will not replace us” chant at the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally, but spent a great deal of time discussing the “intersectionality” of oppressions and how being anti-Israel isn’t anti-Semitic.  Sarsour and her fellow panelists spoke at The New School in New York. 

Sarsour has called for solidarity with Muhammad Allan, who recruited suicide bombers for Islamic Jihad, and here she is hugging a convicted terrorist who murdered two innocent Jewish people.

Oh, and Sarsour just happens to be married to a guy who mourned the deaths of two Hamas terrorists.

Sarsour supports the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement There’s a BDS-supporting group, typically Students for Justice in Palestine on tons of American campuses. It’s not hypocritical at all for someone opposed to discrimination to discriminate against an entire nationality! And the fact that Students for Justice in Palestine is funded by people who also donated $12.4 million to Hamas…well, that must be just a coincidence!

At the panel, Sarsour suggested Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan wasn’t a threat to Jews. You know, the same Farrakhan who said “Hitler was a very great man” and calls terrorists “freedom fighters.”

The panel is not especially surprising when you read a bit about “The New School,” which helps nurture progressive minds.”

“The history of the Arab world’s fight against Israel, and its championing of the Palestinian cause, has its roots in an anti-Jewish ideology. Left-wing activists – particularly on University campuses – have tried to portray the Palestinian cause as a revolutionary fight against colonialism,” said Alex VanNess, former Middle East analyst at the Center for Security Policy, in an email to Campus Unmasked. “In doing so, countless hours and money have been spent on a public relations campaign to divorce the idea that these abhorrent ideas and organizations are in fact anti-Jewish in nature.”

Now, Linda Sarsour has every right to speak at colleges, but someone who lauds and supports people and campaigns connected to terrorism, and who routinely spreads mistruths about the Jewish State, may not be the best choice to appear on a panel about anti-Semitism. Campus Unmasked reached out to the self-described progressive “New” School to ask if they hosted conservative voices but didn’t hear back. Perhaps they’re on vacation; we hear the echo chamber’s lovely this time of year.


Palestinian Schoolbooks: ‘Tell A Story Of A Martyr,’ Insult Jews



A fifth grade Palestinian Authority textbook instructs kids to “tell a story of a martyr from [their] hometown, who rose in defense of his religion and his homeland Palestine,” reported The Algemeiner. ]

It also provides them with some examples. The book shows 5th graders Fatah terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who helped kill 38 individuals, a third of whom were children, on a bus. The publisher covers her with a hijab and says:

“Her struggle portrays challenge and heroism, making her memory immortal in our hearts and minds….[She] irrigated the land of Palestine with her pure blood; to create a flourishing revolutionary history that will never calm down.”

Yeah, um, I’m not sure I’d want my ten-year-olds reading about how anyone has irrigated land with pure blood.

The book also insists “the enemies of Islam never stop at any time and place to use all means and methods to fight Islam and the Muslims.”

Hmmmmm. “fight Islam and the Muslims” is a very curious phrase. I mean, you could’ve used “defend against,” or “get blown up by Islamists” or a number of other expressions, but instead you pick something that makes Israel seem like the aggressor. And don’t worry, you can get your dosage of Palestinian agitprop in other grades, as well.

Twelfth grade textbooks call the whole group of Jews “sinful and liars” and refer to parts of Israel as part of that mythical nation Palestine. Negev Plateau is apparently “in southern Palestine” and Nazareth is in the “Palestinian North.” One map labels Israel “Palestine after the 1948 War” and then breaks the territory down into “Arab lands” and “lands seized by the Jews after the war.” One 9th grade social studies textbook argues that “the solution to the problem of overcrowding in the Gaza Strip lies primarily in the return of the displaced population to their homes” in Israel.

I don’t know about you, but the historians I typically read in school would typically just give me the facts and then let me use those to make my own arguments and draw my own conclusions. But, then again, I didn’t have the luxury of going to a Palestinian school.

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‘If People Really Want To Do BDS, They Better Get Rid Of Their IPhones’



Rob Shimshock of Campus Unmasked spoke with Jessica Marzucco, national campus director for Christians United for Israel (CUFI) on Campus, and Michael Loughrin, a CUFI on Campus activist at Trinity Western University.

“We’ve had students who’ve had rocks thrown at them,” Marzucco noted. “They have been spit on. We’ve had our students…who have been afraid to walk back to their dorm after the divestment hearing because of the hatred and anger in the room.”

The national campus director termed Students for Justice in Palestine “intimidating,” but termed professors and administrators “influential” in encouraging activism.

BDS “has a massive negative effect on Palestine and especially the West Bank where there is industry and there are jobs at stake,” Loughrin told Shimshock. “If people really want to do BDS, they better get rid of their iPhones, they better get rid of their GPS system…and there’s all kinds of other innovations that are taking place with water and energy development.”

Hawaii Pacific University spokeswoman Lianne Yamamura could not confirm to Shimshock if anti-divestment legislation had passed at the school, which Marzucco had claimed.

“I believe that with our generation, the millennial generation, anger and outrage is seen and displayed as the side of truth,” Marzucco stated. “If you are this angry that you are tearing things down, of course you must be right. I believe even that is a form of propaganda and manipulation. … The level of outrage has nothing to do with who is right.”

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Anti-Israel NY Teachers Get Fired



Parents at the elite Riverdale Country School in New York got a letter last week saying “We have looked into questions that were raised about the conduct of a very small number of faculty members and have initiated conversations with the faculty both broadly and specifically about the most effective and appropriate ways to deal with controversial subjects….As a result of these events, two faculty members will not be returning in September, and though the reasons are different, both are linked to this situation,” reported The New York Post.

One of the teachers was Shawn Redden, who was first suspended without pay after an incident in which, according to a parent, he bashed Israel after the country, in May, killed 60 Palestinians, the vast majority of whom were terrorists. Riverdale also booted Joel Doerfler, who said on a pro-Palestinian outlet that “there exists at Riverdale, and in the culture at large, assertive, influential and highly emotional supporters of Israel and of pretty much everything it does and has done, who are hell-bent on stifling…academic investigation.”

He talked to teachers and administrators a couple years ago and said “History curricula are controversial. Because ‘history’ (by which I mean what historians write and teach) is an important element in national invention and integration, national narratives…are frequently battlefields where contemporary political issues are fought out. In these often vitriolic debates  far more is usually at stake than simple questions about ‘what actually happened’ in the past.”

So we immediately see that Doerfler subscribes to the progressive notion that there is a difference between history and the past. These people believe, like author and NDP politician Thomas King said, that “history is the stories we tell about the past.” When history is no longer just the unchangeable fact, leftists have an excuse to mold their politics into curriculum and discredit history they don’t like as some kind of “false narrative.” No! Bad Doerfler! The guy also says that when parents complained about his course, the headmaster encouraged the teacher to allow speakers picked by parents into the class.

About this, Doerfler said, and notice the word choice here: “what teacher, after all, wants to take on the Israel Lobby and its local minions?” But here’s the problem, dude: you can’t admit that you have a biased approach to teaching and then smear others with different points of view as activists, now can you? Why can’t we just agree to return to the days when kids were taught how to think, not what to think?

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