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Border Patrol Comes To School. Students FREAK OUT



The University of Arizona held a career day last week and the school’s Criminal Justice Association had the audacity to invite two Border Patrol agents, according to Campus Reform. That didn’t sit so well with Denisse Moreno Melchor, a UA student who harassing the Border Patrol agents during their presentation and followed them all the way to their car.

The University of Arizona’s student government released a letter, calling the Border Patrol’s visit “immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community,” demanding that the officers announce future visits, and saying “it is also necessary to understand the mere presence of USBP on campus creates an environment which negatively impacts our DACA and undocumented community.”

In what kind of world can you demand to know when law enforcement is going to be around? Just think about how entitled that sounds. “I am going to go 30 miles per hour over the speed limit on my way to work and I demand to be provided every morning with a map detailing the locations of all of the cops on duty.”

I mean, come on. But you know, the really ironic part about this whole fiasco is that the students seem to be ascribing a power to Border Patrol that the agents don’t actually have. Art del Cueto, VP of the National Border Patrol Council, called the student government letter “ignorant” and said “we can’t arrest the DACA students as agents. We can’t send them back unless obviously they commit some kind of crime other than being here illegally. They are a protected class right now so it is ridiculous.”

We’re dealing with people who don’t just hate the Border Patrol, but also the police, and probably the whole concept of America staying a nation with borders and law and order. If you think appeasement or a compromise, some kind of deal or middle ground, will be acceptable to these guys, you’ve got another think coming. Alright, that’s your black pill for the day.


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