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Tufts University

College To Post Escape Routes For Illegals As Part Of ‘Art Project’



Tufts University will be featuring “ICE Escape Signs” made by
New York-based artist Jenny Polak that have, so far, been used in a couple of New York public libraries and a New Jersey school, reported Campus Reform. The signs show little men with guns — that’s not dramatic at all — along with floor plans of buildings to depict escape routes.

Probably the most insane thing about this is that Tufts is framing this as an “art project” instead of, oh I don’t know, a tool to help people break the law and get away without consequences.

Dina Deitsch, director of the school’s art galleries, talked about illegals, saying “What would that day-to-day reality feel like? … When you are in a building, you might really be conscious of exit signs” and “For populations that are not at risk, but then also for communities that are at risk, how do you create an empathetic or sympathetic, forward-thinking space about it?”

Tufts spokesman Patick Collins said “exhibits that are highlighted by Tufts University Art Galleries are meant to provoke and encourage thoughtful, constructive dialogue…inclusion of artwork for exhibition does not indicate university support for the views expressed.”

So does that mean I can post placards with the ICE hotline as long as I call it art? Some of those numbers require about as much drawing skill as those stick figures.


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