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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

‘Build The Wall’ Display Torn Down On Campus



Someone apparently tore down a “Build the Wall” sign put up by the Turning Point USA group at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, reported Campus Reform.

One individual shouted some rather obscene words and gestures at TPUSA, but hey, we’re big kids, we can handle it. Quick caveat: we’ve seen “hate speech” used to encompass more and more right-wing opinions, but will we ever see it include curse words? Probably not, because wanton profanity suggests a lack of thought, a degeneration of the mind, if you will, and we all know which political faction simply loves their degeneracy. But bad words wasn’t the only tool in that girl’s arsenal.

She swiped materials off of TPUSA’s table and then suggested that vandalism was free speech.

UNLV’s Residence Hall Association student group slammed the conservative students’ “intentionally divisive rhetoric,” claiming that they were using their speech to “‘build walls’ rather than ‘build bridges.’”

No, we’re not building walls; that’s kind of the whole problem. And when it comes to peaceful conservative students getting harassed and having their property damaged, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Remember when students tried to support then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last fall?


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