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Haverford College

Student Tries To Hack Trump’s Tax Returns. Lawyer Calls It ‘College Prank’



Shortly before the 2016 election, Justin Hiemstra and Andrew Harris, students at Haverford College, used a computer lab at the school to start a fake financial aid application for a Trump family member, reported Campus Reform. They actually got to reset a password, and used Trump’s date of birth and social security number to try multiple times to import Trump’s tax info into the app.

Now I’m not sure how the students got Trump’s social security number…maybe it’s part of some document that was previously leaked publicly? Anyways, Hiemstra has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and Harris hopes to take a plea deal, according to The Seattle Times, but the most…interesting part of this story has got to be this statement from Harris’ lawyer, William Brennan.

“This is a college prank that just went awry.” “He certainly has no ill will or malice toward the president of the United States and his family, and he is very remorseful for any inconvenience he caused him.”

A college prank. Huh. Make no mistake, the lawyer is using “college prank” here instead of — oh I don’t know — “illegal idiocy” to try to gin up sympathy for his young defendant.


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