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Wellesley College

Hillary: Circumstances Of Trump’s America ‘More Dangerous’ Than Nazi Germany



Hillary Clinton spoke about fascism recently at a Wellesley College alumnae event, majorly alluding to President Donald Trump, according to Campus Reform.

She suggests that appealing to the crowd, using symbols, and intimidation are part of fascism. Appealing to the crowd…isn’t that what you want to do? I mean this sounds like a pretty hardcore cope by someone who isn’t exactly the most likeable candidate or First Lady. About the clever use of symbols…it’s true that the right crushes the left when it comes to the meme game. And you’re not exactly breaking new ground by invoking Hitler. As for physical intimidation, maybe she’s referring to that time Trump stood behind her in an admittedly rather sketchy fashion at the debates. It’s not clear whether that was deliberate or just a boomer moment.

“There is nothing normal about attacking the press,” Clinton said. “There is nothing normal about trying to undermine another branch of government.”

I wonder if Hillary’s ever heard of concepts like checks and balances and the separation of powers. I mean this is middle school civics stuff. She’s gonna use the term “undermine” because she’s biased, but the executive branch is supposed to have a confrontational relationship with the legislature and the judiciary. And it’s through all sides pushing at one another that we reach the best solution. As for attacking the press, there’s a pretty big difference between outlawing opposition, storm troopers smashing printing presses and using your Twitter to mock the Amazon Washington Post or Failing New York Times. Free speech, right?


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