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University of Pennsylvania

UPenn Celebrates Thanksgiving With ‘Conversation On Racism’



If you take a trip this Thanksgiving to UPenn, one of the prestigious Ivy League universities, you may get the luxury of attending A Conversation on Racism – Considerations on Thanksgiving and “American” Politics hosted by a person named Jax Lastinger, who is a graduate associate, which is basically a graduate student who’s an RA for a freshman dorm at UPenn called Stouffer College House, according to Campus Reform.

What kind of festivities is Jax bringing residents for the “conversation about racism”?

Well apparently, “the roots of [Thanksgiving] lay in the strained history of the United States. In this conversation, we will explore the ways that Native Americans are erased from our culture in the context of Thanksgiving, as well as more generally.”

You know, erasure like the Washington Redskins, Pocahontas, DC Comics’ Super Chief. As for Thanksgiving in particular, I would think it’s actually leftists who are trying to blot out that part of culture, probably complaining if their kids dress up as pilgrims and Indians for a classroom Thanksgiving exercise.

The left likes to say you have to BE something to talk about it, but Jax “identifies as white and doesn’t position themselves as an expert on this topic.”

But which topic does Jax mean? Because this graduate associate seems very adept at sculpting the next generation of leaders who aren’t quite sure how to solve actual problems but are very proficient at coming up with complaints about imaginary ones.

University of Pennsylvania

Prof Bashes Covington Kid, ‘Smiling Face Of Whiteness’



University of Pennsylvania professor Ebony Elizabeth Thomas tweeted “Whiteness endlessly forgives its own transgressions. It rarely, if ever, gives those of us it harms and maims and kills time to process our motions [sic]. Time to heal. (Time to grieve.),” reported Campus Reform.

Thomas referenced “the smiling face of Whiteness. It always hides a knife behind its back. That knife says this: ‘You must forgive us. You must educate us. Or else.’”

She continued: “Usually, that ‘or else’ happens anyway. But it will assuredly happen unless you kiss Whiteness’ ring. What choice do you have, but to bind up your still-bleeding wounds, and say with your lips ‘I forgive you’ even as you curse White supremacy in your heart and soul and mind?”

I’m really not sure, Ebony. But I don’t know if I can forgive you if this is the kind of stuff you’re teaching future teachers at UPenn. You know, future teachers of kids and teens who haven’t yet developed the mental and psychological stamina to resist your race-baiting nonsense.

Ebony said she wouldn’t be sharing the video, referring to it as “visual trauma.” And here, finally, the professor gets something right. The Covington video is traumatizing…not for so-called victims of oppression, but for those who bullheadedly push narratives that have zero basis in reality.

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Ivy League TA Calls On Blacks First, Whites Last




“I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. White women come next. And, if I have to, white men.” Now is this individual a bigot or a teaching assistant at an Ivy League university? Trick question: she’s both. Let’s check it out.

Stephanie McKellop is a history TA at the University of Pennsylvania who apparently uses a method called “progressive stacking” when she calls on students in her classes. Now, what is progressive stacking? The Wikipedia page McKellop links describes it as “a technique used to give marginalized groups a greater chance to speak.” The Occupy Wall Street movement used it and A. Barton Hinkle at the Richmond Times-Dispatch said that “lining up speakers by race and gender might not seem fair on an individual level,” suggesting the concept pertains to class more than individual. Because yes, this is a Marxist phenomenon.

McKellop insisted that she was “using a very well-worn pedagogical tactic which includes calling on people of color.” But that’s a bit disingenuous. She wasn’t simply including black students, but actively prioritizing them.. Anyway, there’s reason to believe McKellop isn’t just trying to ease oppression, but actively dislikes white people.

Here’s apparently how Stephanie ended one of the classes she taught: “At the end of the semester in the slavery class, I asked ‘who is racist?’ & said ‘all the white folk in here.’ Shook them, but learned them.”

Stephanie announced this month that she’s not teaching courses next semester, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to forking over $70,000 in tuition for the chance at being discriminated on the basis of my race and sex. But the grad student said it was because she had to take exams, not because she got fired. And hey, why SHOULD McKellop get fired? She’s not the only Ivy League teacher using progressive stacking. Harvard’s doing it too.


You know, Timothy and Stephanie are making great progress, but it’s not enough. While the students you guys are calling on may not be 100% white, the teacher in each of your classrooms is 100% white. I demand you resign from  your positions and appoint in your place the most dark-skinned people you can find or else I’ll tell Black Lives Matter. You have one hour.

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