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University of Northern Colorado

Anti-Trump Prof Couldn’t Just Say ‘Happy Fourth’



Let me introduce you to Kyle Nelson, a University of Northern Colorado professor who sent her Social Problems class an email with the following little statement: “Happy 4th of July on Wednesday….Despite all the social problems we are facing and despite a ton of ugliness in our nation’s past and present, I hope each of us can find something to celebrate or honor or at least reflect on over the holiday,” according to Campus Reform.

Now Kyle, who’s apparently a woman, as we just saw, didn’t elaborate in the email on what “ugliness” America faces, but it becomes a little bit more clear when you take a trip to her Twitter profile, where she describes herself as a “feminist,” “anti-racist,” “social justice advocate.”

When People Magazine posted a photo of their Sexiest Man Alive cover with country singer Blake Shelton, Kyle pretty much lost it and said “I srsly can’t w/ this @people. Of ALL things an(other) American white cisgender heterosexual? In 2017? Of ALL years?!? I like country music ok  but soooo many “sexier” options that would’ve been much more accurate, positive, representative…#popculture #fail

First of all, Kyle, how do you know Blake is cisgender? I don’t ever recall him coming out and saying he’s cisgender. That’s a bit presumptuous; maybe he — or she — is just a very marginalized transgender person. But really: isn’t this just emblematic of how the left sees awards? In their Marxist utopia, there are no distinctions doled out to people on the basis of MERIT, don’t be silly. Awards are to make a statement — who cares about the actual purpose of the award when you can instead use it as a political weapon?

Kyle also of course has thoughts on President Trump, calling him a “racist hate monger” and saying “get that SOB #NotMyPresident out of White House now. #RESIST.”


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