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University of California at Riverside

No Jail Time For MAGA Hat Thief



“Make America Great Again” is code for “genocide” according to former University of California, Riverside student Edith Macias, who stole a Make America Great Again hat off the head of fellow student Matthew Vitale, reported The College Fix.

Matthew took legal action against Edith and the student faced a misdemeanor grand theft charge with a possible one-year jail sentence. Riverside County District Attorney’s Office said that Edith “pled guilty to one count of petty theft and was referred to our standard deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) program, which requires the completion of a class in exchange for a dismissal.”

Edith has graduated from UC Riverside, which I’m guessing involved taking quite a few classes, but no, I’m sure this one other class will teach her not to be intolerant. Yeah we don’t need punitive sentencing; we need more education. The former student apparently took eight anger management classes and sent Matthew an apology letter before entering into the program.

Matthew said the apology letter “read like a fifth-grader wrote it, and when I saw her in court [for the Friday sentencing] she didn’t look changed at all. She looked exactly the same as the day she stole my property.”

What a shame, so I guess Edith still looked like she’d swallowed quite a few MAGA hats. Oh or I guess that could mean she still looked like a remorseless, petulant child.


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