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Democrat Candidates Get 17X More From Ivy League Schools



We still have 4 months left before the 2018 U.S. midterm elections and the most prestigious universities in the country have ALREADY donated more to the Democrats than they did during the entire 2014 cycle.

You know how sometimes companies use electronic boards to put up YUGE NUMBERS of sales they’ve done and shock and awe everyone? Well, Ivy League universities might want to consider doing that with the amount of money they donate to Democrat politicians. For the 2018 election cycle so far, Harvard, Yale, and the other six have donated over two-and-a-half million dollars to Democrat candidates and a grand total of a little over $150,000 to Republicans.

That right there is an over 17-to-1 ratio, even larger than the 12-to-1 liberal to conservative professor one we usually hear.

It seems like the average college donation graph on, which scrupulously tracks these things, looks a bit like this for the last three decades: Giant blue bars representing donations to left-wing politicians and then if you zoom in a little bit on your computer, you can see some of the Republican ones.

Because, shocker, this is by no means a new trend. I reported last year on money spent by these same eight schools on Hillary vs. Trump. Hillary got about the same amount, $2.6 million, and our future president received $15,000. Obama received roughly ten times more than Romney in 2012, but the Hillary-Trump divide was by a factor of over 170.

The heck’s the matter with these people? If they’re so smart, why aren’t they funding the right candidate? I’m kidding, but you would think that just perhaps these institutions that spend so much time…and…cash pontificating about diversity and equality would apply those values to differences in viewpoints, not just melanin and genitalia.

Ivy League

Ivy League: Over $2 Million For Hillary, $15K For Trump



We hear that the ratio of liberal to conservative professors on college campuses is about 12 to 1. Pretty lopsided, right? Well, when it comes to money professors and staff from these colleges donate to political campaigns, it gets a whole lot worse.

When it came to the 2016 presidential election, individuals employed by Ivy League schools gave $2.6 million to Hillary and just $15,000 to Trump. For the 2018 cycle so far, professors, administrators, and other staff from Ivy League schools have already contributed over $1.2 million towards Democrat political campaigns and not even $70,000 to Republican ones, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

I mentioned the 12-to-1 left to right-wing professor ratio. Well, when it comes to their wallets, Harvard is the closest to reflecting that proportion. The school has contributed about $450,000 to Democrat candidates and $50,000 to Republican ones, a 9-to-1 ratio. Harvard may be banning freedom of association by punishing students who join frats and sororities, but they’re the best of the bunch when it comes to Ivy League campaign donations.

Yale, meanwhile, has spent $170,000 on 2018 Democrat candidates and not even $3,000 on Republicans, a 66-to-1 ratio. UPenn’s case is even more extreme: over $120,000 to the donkey and just $500 to the elephant, a proportion of almost 250-to-1, thus far.

And get this. Two out of the eight Ivies — Brown and Dartmouth — haven’t given Republicans a single cent since 2018 began to now. Leftists love diversity, just not when it comes to their politics.

And what about equity, or that equality of outcome progressives are always shooting for? Something tells me the 50-50 ratio they want applied to admissions, pay checks, etc. doesn’t apply to different political viewpoints.

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