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George Washington University

Anti-Israel Student Gov Candidate Gets Disavowed



Meet Brady Forrest, a really hip student senator who —tried to pass a resolution supporting Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian terrorist who orchestrated a bombing that killed two Jerusalem college students. Brady’s running for another office at George Washington University but is having a BIT of difficulty, according to The GW Hatchet.

George Washington University student Brady Forrest is running for his student council’s executive vice president position and got the endorsement of the school newspaper on Monday. But just a day later, that endorsement was rescinded after the discovery of anti-Israel posts made by the student.

Forrest gives a trigger warning to this post where he says “I can’t in good conscience attend the Multicultural Winter Formal given the involvement of [the] Jewish Student Association and GW Hillel. Both organizations are complicit and supportive of the state of Israel and programs and ideology that are exclusive and racist.”

The GW Hatchet commented on the post, saying it “alienated an entire group of students on campus by conflating all people of a religion, political view and nationality as being ‘racist.’”

And just like most leftists, it’s not enough for Brady to acknowledge a different political opinion and get on with his life. Nooo the personal is political and the student senator must demonize people with whom he disagrees.

Here he is quoting an activist saying that the founder of Zionism is “Satan in disguise” and that it maintains its power through terrorism. What a facile way of viewing the world: people with whom I disagree aren’t just wrong, they’re also evil. And let me just redefine the word “terrorism” so it conveniently includes self-defense, counterterrorism, pretty much anything that doesn’t favor my political team.


George Washington University

This Prof Ain’t Afraid To Call Out Left-Wing Bias



George Washington University professor John Banzhaf sent out an email titled “GWU Silent and Impotent over Free Speech Intimidation,” referring to a sign that appeared on George Washington’s campus reading “Hey [Young America’s Foundation],” the group hosting Shapiro, “Get Security” with a photo of Shapiro covered by a big red “X,” according to The College Fix.

The law professor said “it is shocking, but unfortunately not at all surprising, that a clear threat to cause physical harm to a speaker, and to those who invited him to our campus, and which was distributed all over our campus, has elicited not even a brief statement – much less a strong condemnation and a promise of an investigation followed by appropriate discipline.”

He noted that the university DID respond to other instances where conservatives were not targeted.

John slammed both George Washington University AND its sororities in another recent email after learning that the Greek groups were offering stress balls, coloring books, and relaxation rooms to female students who were trying to join, reported Campus Reform.

The law prof said “This sorority event appears to be part of a growing movement to wussify students, treating them a[s] incredibly sensitive beings  – ‘snowflakes’ – who must be protected from virtually anything which might possibly upset them.”

John also stated that George Washington University is considering banning groups like fraternities and sororities that don’t let students of both sexes sign up. Now this might seem completely unhinged for a lot of you out there for whom Greek life was a core fixture on campus but remember that Harvard recently introduced penalties for students who join single-gender groups.

You know, with the climate of indoctrination and fear on campus these days, it’s really a wonder that any professors at ALL are speaking out in favor of sanity, so definitely encourage John to keep fighting the good fight.

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