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Anarchist Students: ‘Snitches Get Stitches’



Some University of Pittsburgh students are running the Didn’t See Shit Crew, which advertises itself with a picture of a boy hiding a revolver behind his back while his friend talks to the cops, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “In the classroom, on the job, in the dorms, on the patio, in Schenley Park…SNITCHES GET STITCHES,” the group says on its flyer.

“We’re sick of seeing good kids get expelled, arrested, or otherwise screwed over because some holier-than-thou bootlicker decided to fuck up someone’s life; because some snitch reported a graffiti artist, or tipped off a Pitt employee about a darknet mail order, or called the cops on students for flyering and promoting events without a permit, or chose to be an asshole of an RA and actually conduct a random dorm search, or ratted out a student who stole the textbooks they couldn’t afford,” says Didn’t See Shit.

Translation: we really want to be hardasses and do illegal stuff, but we’re too soft to actually accept consequences for our actions. The group apparently provides legal support, media like op-eds and flyers, snitch-shaming, and unsolicited interviews.

“We know people who’d love to meet (or surprise) a snitch. Based on your input, interviews can be conducted in a friendly or an aggressive manner, from educational conversations oriented towards healing broken relationships to outright condemnation, from intensive Q&A’s that are recorded and publicized to *ahem* intimate conversations in dark alleyways.”

First of all, I’m fairly certain this violates the University of Pittsburgh’s harassment policy. And second of all, publicized to whom? Your 20 Facebook followers? Well, I guess your group’s aptly named because if that’s your primary PR wing, it looks like most Pittsburgh students won’t be seeing shit either.


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