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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Pro-Palestine Student Loves Hamas, Hates Jews And Gays



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student Ahmad Ewis needs to practice what he preaches if he works with Students for Justice in Palestine and believes justice means “I would have killed all the Jews in the world, but I kept some to show the world why I killed them,” a quote he attributes to Hitler, according to watchdog group Canary Mission.

Ewis is affiliated with American Muslims for Palestine, a group whose former members donated $12.4 million to Hamas, according to information released during a 2016 congressional testimony. He doesn’t seem to be the most tolerant bloke either. Watchdog group Canary Mission discovered him tweeting “If my son is gay I’m personally gonna go to Palestine weld me a sword come back and chop his head off.”

Okay but surely this hatred doesn’t translate to support for actual terrorists, right? Well, Ewis loves blowing smoke, but he’s totally serious when it comes to his twisted political views. Here was the kid’s response to the Israel Defense Forces tweeting that “so far today, more than 100 rockets fired from Gaza have hit Israel.” While the student graced his Twitter profile with that Hitler quote I showed at the beginning, he’s apparently an even bigger fan of Hamas. During the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, which Hamas started by kidnapping and murdering three Israeli teens, Ewis tweeted “all the brainwashed people just blame it on Hamas.” I think George Orwell would diagnose this fellow with stage 4 doublethink.


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