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George Mason University

Prof OK With Calling Israelis ‘Mob,’ But Not Palestinians




On Thursday, George Mason University Noura Erakat tweeted out a Washington Post article entitled “Israel’s use of fatal force in Gaza: Excessive force or justified mob control?” reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. This headline triggered Noura, who responded ““Mob”??? Can we plz try to acknowledge Palestinians as human? Not bugs to be exterminated. This is a freedom struggle.”

When I saw this awesome display of intellectual brilliance, I immediately put aside all thoughts like the fact that at least 50 of the 62 individuals killed by Israel Monday were Hamas or Islamic Jihad terrorists and thought to myself, “wow, what an upstanding citizen Noura must be, policing offensive words out of the English language.” It never even occurred to me that she might be a total hypocrite who shudders when the word “mob” is applied to Palestinians, but has used the exact same word to describe Israelis.

Oops, actually, here’s one of her tweets from a little while back: “Fadi Alloun – shot dead by Israeli police while he ran away from an Israeli mob.” And, of course, she neglects to mention that Alloun had allegedly stabbed a Jewish boy right beforehand. In case this didn’t convince you of how superb a mental gymnast Noura is, contorting language to fit her agenda, take a look at this time she tweeted about the murder of a Muslim teen in Virginia. She says “White supremacy breeds in all quarters,especially in the most liberal ones we call home.”

Except, as a commenter pointed out, the teen’s accused murderer, Darwin Martinez Torres, was not white, but Hispanic. Noura, of course, very adeptly dodged this pesky fact by saying “White supremacy is an ideology and what drives Islamophobia. Not race specific. Don’t need to be white to practice it.”

George Mason University

Student Gov Passes Anti-Semitism Resolution



So George Mason University’s student senate said that it would not tolerate “hatred and acts of malice” and called its Jewish community “a vital part of the Mason community” in a resolution last week, reported The Algemeiner. But what’s really interesting is what the GMU student senate speaker pro tempore McKenna Bates said on the subject.

Apparently, while she was holding a kiosk on media bias, McKenna “was told that Palestinian lives matter more than Jewish lives, and that the murder of Jews is justified because Palestinians are at the bottom of the oppression system and thus any expressions of resistance are ultimately justified.”

And see, this is the really dangerous thing about oppression olympics. Perceived victimhood becomes a kind of currency that justifies not just bigger platforms for certain people on critical issues, not just affirmative action that could make or break an academic or professional career, but yes, actual violence.

Anyways, McKenna was a fan of the anti-Semitism resolution, as was George Mason’s Hillel group. Now, GMU doesn’t often come on my radar for anti-Israel or left-wing bias, but you may remember Professor Noura Erakat over there, who complained about a Washington Post headline reading “Israel’s Use Of Fatal Fire In Gaza: Excessive Force Or Justified Mob Control?” with a tweet saying ““Mob”??? Can we plz try to acknowledge Palestinians as human? Not bugs to be exterminated. This is a freedom struggle.”

Well, it might shock you to learn that Noura is a bit of a hypocrite. Or maybe not — she’s a professor, after all! The professor has seemed to have no problem using the term “mob” while referring to groups of Israelis and Jewish people on Twitter.

George Mason is also the same school where hundreds of staff and faculty freaked out when the school decided to honor the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia by naming its law school after him. They didn’t stop the renaming with their petition and that renaming, as well as accepting millions of bucks from Republican donor Charles Koch, does seem to point to GMU’s administration being slightly more sane than that of other universities.

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