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University of California at Los Angeles

Profs: Ban Anti-Sharia Laws And Define Terrorism ‘Fairly’



Attendees of a Muslim American workshop proposed that the United States bans anti-Sharia laws, strikes the First Amendment protection of hate speech, and “define terrorism fairly.”

UCLA’s school of public affairs hosted its second annual Muslim American workshop last Friday, apparently to “share, collaborate and exchange ideas on Muslim American scholarship and how to advance research in this multifaceted area,” reported Campus Reform.

The group used funds from National Science Foundation to conduct the event, which featured some bashing of President Trump. Boston University political science professor Spencer Piston presented a study describing Trump as “Islamophobic,” using the same smear popularized by a UK equalities chief who, last year, distanced himself from the term, saying “I thought Muslims would blend into Britain…I should have known better.”

At least one workshop attendee suggested banning anti-Sharia laws in the US, as well as eliminating the First Amendment’s protection of hate speech, which would mean eradicating anything from laws protecting free speech and “blasphemy” to those prohibiting forced marriage and trying a rape victim for adultery or even sanctioning a rapist’s marriage to his victim in place of punishment, all, of course, in addition to the more infamous human rights violations like stoning and beheading. These things are prevalent in the Islamic world…why are we looking to adopt laws tolerating the intolerable in civilized society?

But on a more ideological level, the left should actually support anti-Sharia measures because it has always been concerned with the separation of church and state.

From feminists to Islamists, the radical left absolutely dreads free discourse because while they may be too lazy or rash to use it, while they may prefer shouting those mindless “no fascist USA” chants to shut down anyone who’s to the right of Trotsky, they also recognize the power of language. Now, more than ever, we can’t let them take that away.


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