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Dartmouth Disavows But Keeps Prof Who Justifies Violence





A Dartmouth professor is currently on a nationwide tour in support of his new book and will donate half of the money he gets from book sales to Antifa.

Dartmouth professor Mark Bray’s new book, “Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook,” chronicles the history of the antifascist movement and Bray will contribute half of the books proceeds to a fund for Antifa’s medical, legal, and personal expenses, reported Campus Reform.

In a tweet, the Dartmouth professor stated, “to me, physically stopping a neo-Nazi group before they come to you is self-defense, b/c neo-Nazism is a threat to humanity.”

But it’s not self-defense if you strike first and who is a Nazi? With psychology professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Jewish author Ben Shapiro getting branded as Nazis and Antifa protesting them, you’d think Bray would want to define his terms, as well as give the antifascists even a little bit of scrutiny, particularly when the Department of Homeland Security labeled Antifa’s activities “domestic terrorist violence.”

Bray isn’t the only Antifa supporter in the ivy towers. There’s Eric Clanton, the former Diablo Valley College professor who bust a bike lock on a Trump supporter’s head. There’s also George Ciccariello-Maher, the Drexel University professor who said all he wanted for Christmas was a “white genocide” and who blamed the Las Vegas and Texas massacres on white “Trumpism.”

In a statement, Dartmouth president Philip Hanlon said, “we condemn anything but civil discourse in the exchange of opinions and ideas…the endorsement of violence in any form is contrary to Dartmouth values.” Yet more than 100 of Bray’s colleagues in academia want Hanlon to retract the statement, saying Bray didn’t call for violent protest. Conversely in the same statement those same colleagues ceded that Bray called for self-defense against violent fascists…except Bray never said the so-called fascists had to strike first.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC Chancellor Resigns, But Finishes Off Confed. Statue First



Protesters at the University of North Carolina ripped down the Confederate Silent Sam statue back in August. But the base and a commemorative plaque had still remained. Until Monday, that is. On Monday, UNC Chancellor Carol Folt simultaneously announced that she was removing the base and that she was resigning, according to Campus Reform.

This comes after faculty at the school had threatened to withhold grading last month and not teach the first week of the spring semester when UNC was considering putting the statue back up inside a new building on campus.

Folt had originally said that North Carolina law prevented her from taking the statue down. Regarding the statue’s base, she said, “While I recognize that some may not agree with my decision to remove the base and tablets now, I am confident this is the right one for our community – one that will promote public safety, enable us to begin the healing process and renew our focus on our great mission.”

“One that will promote public safety.” What, like safety from those domestic terrorists who vandalized and tore down the statue in the first place? Or from those anonymous professors who threatened to take the statue down themselves back in February? Get this, though: Folt announced that she was stepping down as chancellor at the end of the semester in May, but the Board of Governors, which apparently didn’t know about the statue or resignation until Folt made them public, are now making her resign at the end of January, reported CNN.

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Villanova University

Marketing Prof Roasts Gillette ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad



You’ve probably seen the latest ad razor company Gillette put out, citing “toxic masculinity.”

Smearing all men for demonstrating bad behavior isn’t just philosophically unsound, but also financially moronic, as Villanova University marketing professor Charles Taylor noted, according to Campus Reform.

Taylor said “Politically charged language should be avoided by advertisers.” “The use of the term “toxic masculinity” in the ad was a flat out mistake. While only mentioned quickly and briefly, the use of this term, which many men associate with a one-sided critique and stereotype of an entire gender.”

“Regardless of how much some without marketing backgrounds would like to believe that companies taking political stances…is okay, alienating a substantial proportion of the target audience is never a good thing.”

Another good argument. Not only will you polarize people who were otherwise interested in your product, but you’ll also incentivize them to tell others who might be interested and create a boycott, although conservatives don’t tend to do a lot of that. Then again, they may get some new customers out of people who think “the personal is political” and use apps like this.

Anyway, I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to see a professor actually speak with some sense about this story. The social sciences and humanities are in trouble but perhaps business is still based.

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Ohio State University

Prof Bans Students From Using ‘Illegal Immigrant’



An Ohio professor told one of his students that while they may use the term “illegal immigration,” he will not accept assignments with the term “illegal immigrant,” reported The Daily Caller.

If you take an Ohio State University sociology class, you might be lucky enough to get Victor Espinosa as your professor for “Sociology of Immigration.”

The professor asked his students to write an article about how immigration affects the United States and one of his students, Hannah Emerson, dared to use the term “illegal immigrant” in her submission.

Victor wrote a message to Emerson, saying “You should know that in this class, students will not be allowed to use the word ‘illegal’ to refer to an unauthorized immigrant. The use of the term ‘illegal’ by politicians and news media outlets…not only criminalizes undocumented workers, but it also dehumanizes, marginalizes, and racializes the people it seeks to describe.”

Professor Espinosa seems to be one of those guys who thinks life imitates art, not the other way around. Someone doesn’t become an illegal immigrant by our calling them that. We call them that because they’re illegally in the country. As for the racialize, marginalize, dehumanize drivel…yes, some races are more likely to illegally immigrate to America, yes, people who break the law deserve to be marginalized, but no, calling some “illegal” doesn’t make them any less human.

Victor told Hannah that “starting next week, any assignment or discussion post that uses the word ‘illegal immigrant’ to refer to an unauthorized immigrant will not be accepted.” But here’s the really funny part: the professor noted that while students couldn’t use “illegal immigrant,” they could say “illegal immigration.” I’m sure the reasoning behind that is something really compelling like “humans can’t be illegal!”

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