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Dartmouth Disavows But Keeps Prof Who Justifies Violence





A Dartmouth professor is currently on a nationwide tour in support of his new book and will donate half of the money he gets from book sales to Antifa.

Dartmouth professor Mark Bray’s new book, “Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook,” chronicles the history of the antifascist movement and Bray will contribute half of the books proceeds to a fund for Antifa’s medical, legal, and personal expenses, reported Campus Reform.

In a tweet, the Dartmouth professor stated, “to me, physically stopping a neo-Nazi group before they come to you is self-defense, b/c neo-Nazism is a threat to humanity.”

But it’s not self-defense if you strike first and who is a Nazi? With psychology professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Jewish author Ben Shapiro getting branded as Nazis and Antifa protesting them, you’d think Bray would want to define his terms, as well as give the antifascists even a little bit of scrutiny, particularly when the Department of Homeland Security labeled Antifa’s activities “domestic terrorist violence.”

Bray isn’t the only Antifa supporter in the ivy towers. There’s Eric Clanton, the former Diablo Valley College professor who bust a bike lock on a Trump supporter’s head. There’s also George Ciccariello-Maher, the Drexel University professor who said all he wanted for Christmas was a “white genocide” and who blamed the Las Vegas and Texas massacres on white “Trumpism.”

In a statement, Dartmouth president Philip Hanlon said, “we condemn anything but civil discourse in the exchange of opinions and ideas…the endorsement of violence in any form is contrary to Dartmouth values.” Yet more than 100 of Bray’s colleagues in academia want Hanlon to retract the statement, saying Bray didn’t call for violent protest. Conversely in the same statement those same colleagues ceded that Bray called for self-defense against violent fascists…except Bray never said the so-called fascists had to strike first.

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University of California

Academia: Trump Wanting Economically Independent Immigrants Is ‘Detrimental,’ ‘Ethnic Cleansing’



Former Obama Homeland Security Secretary and current University of California president Janet Napolitano released a statement saying the expansion of the “public charge” definition “sends a detrimental message internationally — that the United States does not want other countries to send their best and brightest here to study” and that the decision “raises questions about the true intent behind the federal government’s unnecessary and misguided action.”

Questions like why is Trump doing this, unless he’s a racist? No, the real question, Janet, is why you can’t understand basic security measures. Regardless of how much of a blast he might have, you don’t let a child ride a rollercoaster if he’s not a certain height. Similarly, it doesn’t matter how much “diversity” an immigrant will add to America if he’ll require a taxpayer safety net and also, since the two are related, negatively impact Americans with crime.

But Napolitano wasn’t the only unhappy camper after the “public charge” expansions. University of Texas, Austin employee Alex Wild tweeted a couple years ago calling Trump a Nazi.

Now, Alex is the curator of entomology at UT Austin, entomology being a fancy word for studying insects. And he seems to have adopted some of the behavior of his test subjects because, annoying as a gnat, he was back this week, tweeting “Shortly after Trump took office, I noted that Republicans were preparing an ethnic cleansing. Now, in 2019, I stand by that statement. Their thin, panicky public denials stand in stark contrast to their public messaging. And to the growing body count.”

I think he might be referring to the El Paso shooting here? And that’s where we are in our political discourse, folks, advocating for reasonable immigration restrictions now equals genocide.

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Goldsmiths, University of London

London University BANS BURGERS To Fight Climate Change



I don’t often envy our friends over in the UK and today is no different as Goldsmiths, University of London has decided to ban the sale of all beef on campus, according to the BBC. Frances Corner, the school’s new head, said “Though I have only just arrived at Goldsmiths, it is immediately obvious that our staff and students care passionately about the future of our environment and that they are determined to help deliver the step [sic] change we need to cut our carbon footprint drastically and as quickly as possible.”

Now, Breitbart’s James Delingpole says that Goldsmiths’ decision comes after a BBC environment analyst said that UN scientists claim in private that the West can’t keep over-consuming meat. But if that were the case, you would think the scientists would have put that in their report. However, according to Telegraph journalist Charles Moore, the actual report apparently talks about a diverse diet, instead of outright cutting a certain food item.

And it shouldn’t surprise you to find out to find out that blogger Paul Homewood noted that Frances Corner, the head of the school, traveled to Beijing just last fall for a fashion exhibit.

That’s a pretty long flight, but a left-wing activist not practicing what she preaches? Color me shocked.

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Haverford College

Student Tries To Hack Trump’s Tax Returns. Lawyer Calls It ‘College Prank’



Shortly before the 2016 election, Justin Hiemstra and Andrew Harris, students at Haverford College, used a computer lab at the school to start a fake financial aid application for a Trump family member, reported Campus Reform. They actually got to reset a password, and used Trump’s date of birth and social security number to try multiple times to import Trump’s tax info into the app.

Now I’m not sure how the students got Trump’s social security number…maybe it’s part of some document that was previously leaked publicly? Anyways, Hiemstra has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and Harris hopes to take a plea deal, according to The Seattle Times, but the most…interesting part of this story has got to be this statement from Harris’ lawyer, William Brennan.

“This is a college prank that just went awry.” “He certainly has no ill will or malice toward the president of the United States and his family, and he is very remorseful for any inconvenience he caused him.”

A college prank. Huh. Make no mistake, the lawyer is using “college prank” here instead of — oh I don’t know — “illegal idiocy” to try to gin up sympathy for his young defendant.

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