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William & Mary Student Fans Flames, Justifies Labeling All Members of Fraternities as ‘Rapists’



A College of William and Mary student said that “labeling all members of fraternities as rapists is justified” after vandals spray painted “rapist” on frats at the school in November.

Aditya Mohan made the remark in a column for The Flat Hat, one of the school’s papers. He also argued that the community should “destroy [fraternities].”

“It is all of our responsibilities to stand in solidarity with victims, trans people, poor people, women, people of color and others hurt by fraternities and destroy the structures that harm them,” wrote the student, who added that frats are “a network built to further nepotism and favoritism in employment, politics and civil society.”

Mohan says there are issues with both erasing and keeping the vandalism on the frat building. He says erasing it could censor survivors, but leaving it could trigger those survivors.

Now campus activists say that one in five women are sexually assaulted during their time on campus. But the study cited only accounted for students at two universities, received a low response rate, counted drunken-sex as assault, and didn’t actually ask the students polled outright whether they experienced rape or sexual assault. The Bureau of Justice, meanwhile, reports that fewer than one percent of college students are sexually assaulted.

Students have targeted frats both verbally and physically across the country. A University of Virginia frat had its house vandalized and windows smashed with bricks after Rolling Stone magazine libelously published a story about a gang rape that never in fact occurred there. Antifa marched on frats at the University of Minnesota with a sign stating “kill rapists” and shouted “f*** the frats.” Vandals at the University of Texas at Austin wrote “kill frat boys,” “racist” and “rapist” on frat houses, and Antifa published an open letter ordering people to “make their lives hell.” A few days later, student Kendrex White stabbed four students — killing one — allegedly searching specifically for frat and sorority members.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC Statue Vandal Tries To Dodge Community Service



A University of North Carolina student court sanctioned graduate student Maya Little with a written warning and 18 hours of community service after the student smeared a mixture of what was apparently red paint and her own blood on a Confederate statue, according to Campus Reform. But for someone who’s apparently a compassionate social justice activist, Maya is oddly reluctant to do community service.

She appealed the decision and Gina Balamucki, the law student representing her, said that the vandalism “was an act of contextualization around a racist statue, which has since been taken down by the UNC chancellor herself. This was not a grave offense and this was well within the standards for the UNC community….Ms. Little does not need to learn from this experience. This experience was Maya teaching us something.”

So ideologically-driven property destruction is within the standards of UNC’s school community. Gotcha. And this act was Maya teaching us something. Wow, you’d think she’s talking about God sending the flood — I mean, what kind of moral authority does Maya Little have over us?

And let’s drop the notion that she’s some kind of innocent angel. Maya took part in another protest in December and got charged with starting a riot and assaulting a police officer.

But what makes the UNC statue story especially insane is that this wasn’t just a few dozen intolerant students. No, no, back last February, over a dozen unnamed UNC professors wrote the chancellor a letter threatening to tear down the monument themselves, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. How brave — I guess that’s why they stayed anonymous. And then just last month, the chancellor removed the statue’s base before resigning, reported Campus Reform. When it comes to UNC, cultural Marxism is a team sport.

And keep in mind that UNC is a state institution and state law forbids the removal of these statues from public property without the approval of a state historical commission, according to The News & Observer.

Since when did the faction of inebriated hippies become the faction of lawless savages?

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design

College Refuses To Arm Police



The Board of Trustees at Massachusetts College of Art and Design held a meeting earlier this month and voted 8-2 to keep its police force unarmed, reported Campus Reform. It’s apparently the only four-year college with this arrangement. 

It doesn’t seem like the MassArt officers could be much more in favor of getting guns. Sergeant Matt Hurley talked about a “false sense of security,” saying “parents have an expectation that when they send their child off to school at MassArt, that since there is a police department there, they have nothing to worry about. This is just wrong.” Another officer said “it’s our students’ and staff’s lives you are gambling with.”

And it’s not just lives. The sergeant suggested that the no firearms policy has resulted in a high officer turnover rate for the department. Now both MassArt’s president and spokeswoman said that the decision was made with the intent of keeping the school a “safe and inclusive environment.” But safe and inclusive for whom? Students? Or maniacs who want to maim and murder them?

Beyond those platitudes, the only real rationale I saw came from this one unnamed professor, who opposed arming police because she’s “a very sensitive person and there are many other sensitive people on campus and I wanted to speak for me and for them.”

OK but if you’re sensitive, surely you’d rather get startled by a gunshot every now and then from an officer than actually get — you know — shot by a criminal who’s on the run from police who can’t gun him down.

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University of Chicago

Socialist, Pro-Palestinian Students MAD At Pro-Israel Course



Meir Elran was a brigadier general in the Israeli Defense Forces and currently works for the Institute for National Security Studies. He’s teaching a course at the University of Chicago this semester called “Security, Counter-Terrorism, and Resilience: The Israeli Case,” reported Campus Reform.

UChicago Socialists and Students for Justice in Palestine co-authored an op-ed in which they said “Elran’s course actually infringes upon open discourse by furthering the all-too-common and virulently Islamophobic rhetoric that positions Israel as standing bravely and resiliently in the face of their country’s barbaric natives.”

Yeahhh I don’t think these guys really understand the concept of open discourse. Speech cannot infringe upon open discourse unless you’re shutting other people down which Elran’s not doing; this is his class. As for Islamophobic rhetoric, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to frame defending against Palestinian rocket launchers, rock throwers, etc. as having an irrational fear of Muslims.

Anyways, the students say “in recent months, under the guise of counter-terrorism, Israel has violently suppressed demonstrations against invasive security measures at the al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third-holiest site.” When they say “invasive security measures,” I think they’re referring to metal detectors Israel put in place after Arabs murdered two police officers there. How dare you stop us from killing you — that is bigotry.

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