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William & Mary Student Fans Flames, Justifies Labeling All Members of Fraternities as ‘Rapists’



A College of William and Mary student said that “labeling all members of fraternities as rapists is justified” after vandals spray painted “rapist” on frats at the school in November.

Aditya Mohan made the remark in a column for The Flat Hat, one of the school’s papers. He also argued that the community should “destroy [fraternities].”

“It is all of our responsibilities to stand in solidarity with victims, trans people, poor people, women, people of color and others hurt by fraternities and destroy the structures that harm them,” wrote the student, who added that frats are “a network built to further nepotism and favoritism in employment, politics and civil society.”

Mohan says there are issues with both erasing and keeping the vandalism on the frat building. He says erasing it could censor survivors, but leaving it could trigger those survivors.

Now campus activists say that one in five women are sexually assaulted during their time on campus. But the study cited only accounted for students at two universities, received a low response rate, counted drunken-sex as assault, and didn’t actually ask the students polled outright whether they experienced rape or sexual assault. The Bureau of Justice, meanwhile, reports that fewer than one percent of college students are sexually assaulted.

Students have targeted frats both verbally and physically across the country. A University of Virginia frat had its house vandalized and windows smashed with bricks after Rolling Stone magazine libelously published a story about a gang rape that never in fact occurred there. Antifa marched on frats at the University of Minnesota with a sign stating “kill rapists” and shouted “f*** the frats.” Vandals at the University of Texas at Austin wrote “kill frat boys,” “racist” and “rapist” on frat houses, and Antifa published an open letter ordering people to “make their lives hell.” A few days later, student Kendrex White stabbed four students — killing one — allegedly searching specifically for frat and sorority members.


Harvard Held Onto Epstein Donation, But Fired Dean Who Repped Weinstein



Jeffrey Epstein donated $6.5 million to Harvard back in 2003, according to Newsweek. A few years later, the billionaire was the subject of a probable cause affidavit for sexual exploitation of minors and Harvard’s school paper asked the school if it planned on giving the money back.

“Mr. Epstein’s gift is funding important research using mathematics to study areas such as evolutionary theory, viruses, and cancers,” Harvard said. “The University is not considering returning this gift.”

Now remember that this was after 2002 to 2005, the dates during which court documents say Epstein put together his extensive network of underage victims, but before he was indicted in 2007, before Epstein got convicted of soliciting a teen for prostitution in 2008, and before Alexander Acosta, who stepped down as Labor Secretary Friday, made a deal not to prosecute Epstein that same year.

Harvard said last week that the $6.5 million Epstein had donated was already spent, but you’ve got to wonder if that was the case in 2008. And the school’s action is particularly curious given how in May, it outright fired Ronald Sullivan, a dean who was at one point representing accused rapist Harvey Weinstein, amid pressure from students and faculty.

If this kind of deranged guilty until proven innocent and guilt by association mindset is Harvard’s standard, what does taking money from Epstein say about the premier academic institution?

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Yale University

Yale Scholar: Central Asians Tell Me ‘Life Was Better Under The Soviets’



Yale scholar Emily Jane O’Dell recently tweeted out “Every single person I have asked…in Central Asia (and Eastern Europe) over the past decade and a half has said life was better under the Soviets — 100 percent,” reported Campus Reform.

I’d really love to know who those people are. You had the purges, the gulags, and I mean, it’s not for nothing that there’s a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to detailing the devices and strategies people would use, as well as some of the consequences they would face, from trying to escape East Germany.

And remember that this is the same Ivy League academic who’s tweeted stuff like “the real national emergency is armed white men” and “when the revolution comes, do you want to see white men suffer or should they be given a chance to reform?” “My 70-year old female neighbor said we should shoot them. Guess there’s lots of anger about.”

Emily sure does talk to some strange people…either that, or the discourse really has moved that far when it comes to communism and inciting violence against certain groups.

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Oakland University

FIFA Soccer Game Racist? These Profs Think So



University of Michigan prof John Cheney-Lippold and Oakland University prof Sam Srauy argued in a study that “realism — as a design strategy — can invite platform racism into seemingly neutral code,” according to Campus Reform.

EA Sports, the developer for the FIFA video game, uses data reviewers who watch real-life soccer players and then assign scores to these players’ in-game avatars. The study’s co-authors found that these reviewers rated black athletes as stronger and more aggressive than white or Hispanic ones on average.

The professors said “Black and Latino characters tend to be overly represented in sports related video games. Moreover, this overrepresentation tends to be [in] avenues where white fantasy of supposedly extraordinary black physical ability is expressed and exploited for white enjoyment.”

Supposedly extraordinary? Are you telling me that there might be a reason other than physical prowess for why black athletes are overrepresented in some sports like basketball and football? Hey, maybe I’m a victim of discrimination.

So while John and Sam took the higher aggression and strength scores for black athletes as a sign of racism in FIFA, they were a bit surprised to find how the data reviewers scored athletes for another stat: vision, which was a stand-in for intelligence and knowledge of soccer.

They said “The mean vision score for blacks was significantly lower than either whites or Latinos. However, there was no statistically significant difference between the vision scores of whites and Latinos,” something they argued “runs contradictory to the predominant racist belief.”

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