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William & Mary Student Fans Flames, Justifies Labeling All Members of Fraternities as ‘Rapists’



A College of William and Mary student said that “labeling all members of fraternities as rapists is justified” after vandals spray painted “rapist” on frats at the school in November.

Aditya Mohan made the remark in a column for The Flat Hat, one of the school’s papers. He also argued that the community should “destroy [fraternities].”

“It is all of our responsibilities to stand in solidarity with victims, trans people, poor people, women, people of color and others hurt by fraternities and destroy the structures that harm them,” wrote the student, who added that frats are “a network built to further nepotism and favoritism in employment, politics and civil society.”

Mohan says there are issues with both erasing and keeping the vandalism on the frat building. He says erasing it could censor survivors, but leaving it could trigger those survivors.

Now campus activists say that one in five women are sexually assaulted during their time on campus. But the study cited only accounted for students at two universities, received a low response rate, counted drunken-sex as assault, and didn’t actually ask the students polled outright whether they experienced rape or sexual assault. The Bureau of Justice, meanwhile, reports that fewer than one percent of college students are sexually assaulted.

Students have targeted frats both verbally and physically across the country. A University of Virginia frat had its house vandalized and windows smashed with bricks after Rolling Stone magazine libelously published a story about a gang rape that never in fact occurred there. Antifa marched on frats at the University of Minnesota with a sign stating “kill rapists” and shouted “f*** the frats.” Vandals at the University of Texas at Austin wrote “kill frat boys,” “racist” and “rapist” on frat houses, and Antifa published an open letter ordering people to “make their lives hell.” A few days later, student Kendrex White stabbed four students — killing one — allegedly searching specifically for frat and sorority members.

University of Illinois

Socialist Students Not Happy With CIA Partnership



The International Youth and Students for Social Equality advocates completely reasonable things like “free quality education,” “free quality health care,” and “historical truth,” a section they begin by saying they side with Trotsky over Stalin, according to a link posted by Campus Reform.

UI Chicago is partnering with the CIA to help graduates get jobs and internships in the intelligence field, mock interviews, and resume assistance. Sounds pretty helpful, right? Well, when the school’s IYSSE chapter caught wind of this, it authored a statement titled “CIA out of University of Illinois Chicago!”

The socialist students say UIC has a diverse student body including “children of immigrants who were forced to flee their country of origin due to the turmoil caused by the regime change operations of the CIA itself. If recruited, these students would be utilized to carry out imperialist crimes of the US government around the world.” They go on to say the CIA is “responsible for countless crimes—the overthrow of governments, the fomenting of civil wars, assassinations, torture and spying.”

“Imperialist crimes,” eh? I think that “imperialist” is hysterical SJW-speak for “interventionist.” And intervention isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re intervening to prevent something you have reasonable cause to believe will affect your own country if left unchecked.

Anyway, the socialist students continue: “The encroachment of military and intelligence agencies onto the campus is not an isolated incident but a symptom of the breakdown of world capitalism.” “World capitalism.” Wow, way to give something a negative connotation: like it’s world hunger or something. People on the political extremes honestly come up with some of the best lingo…“crisis actor” is another good one.

“Amidst increasing inequality and growing resistance in the working class, the ruling elite is looking for new ways to suppress opposition to its domination of every aspect of social life.” Wow Conspiracy, much? “It is trying to turn college campuses, which should be center[s] for learning and the free exchange of ideas, into instruments of counter-revolution and reaction.”

Hmmm or how about instruments for employment so that you don’t end up being deadbeat hippies?

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College of Southern Nevada

Prof Actually Shot Himself To Protest AR-15s?



Last week you might remember that I reported on a college professor who shot himself in the arm, allegedly to protest President Donald Trump. Now, however, he’s changing his story, saying that it was to protest malnutrition, pollution, and AR-15s.

Mark Bird is a 69-year-old sociology professor who taped a $100 bill to a College of Southern Nevada bathroom with a note reading “for the janitor” before proceeding to shoot himself in the arm. While Bird told students, staff, doctors, and police that he shot himself to protest Trump immediately after it happened, he now says he did it to protest AR-15s, according to Blue Lives Matter. But here’s the thing: he didn’t even use an AR-15 to shoot himself.

In an apology letter to the school’s president and VP, Bird gave two reasons for shooting himself, saying “the Earth has roughly 100 million malnutrition and pollution deaths in the past decade — and the Earth is on…course for at least another 100 million such deaths in the next decade” and complaining that since the Las Vegas massacre last year, “there has been no national legislation banning bump stocks, banning civilian ownership of AR-15 type assault weapons, and the passage of universal gun background checks.”

So I’m guessing that the reasoning here was to attract media attention by doing something really drastic and then giving himself a megaphone that way? Bird says he shot himself on campus because he knew the College of Southern Nevada police would not let him die.

The professor is banned from campus and charged with carrying a dangerous weapon at school and without a permit, as well as shooting it inside a restricted environment.

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Saint Louis University

College Splurges On Amazon Echos After Layoffs, Deficit



Saint Louis University scrapped around 120 faculty and admin positions in March 2017 and also ditched 130 vacant capacities. The previous fiscal year, the school had a $16 million deficit. And NOW, it’s decided to purchase Amazon Echos, those little gadgets that play music, search the Internet, and make calls all hands-free with that friendly robot Alexa, reported The College Fix. Oh and remember, this is also one of those devices that collects user data, with which it does who knows what.

Amazon Echos go for $50 on Amazon and Saint Louis University is buying one for each of its more than 2,300 dorm rooms on campus. That comes out to $115,000, though the school did say it bought them at a discount. David Hakanson, the university’s vice president, said that “every minute we can save our students from having to search for the information they need online is another minute that they can spend focused on what matters most: their education.”

You know that it takes roughly the same amount of time to type a question out on Google as it does to ask it orally, right? Also, have you ever heard of this thing called RESEARCH? Learning how to find things yourself is a pretty crucial part of education. Anyways, this wouldn’t be quite so egregious if this weren’t the same school that recently made over a hundred layoffs and is expecting a $10 to $20 million loss each year.

At $42,166, Saint Louis University’s tuition price is already over $7,000 higher than the average cost at private universities — wouldn’t this money be better spent on scholarships?

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