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William & Mary Student Fans Flames, Justifies Labeling All Members of Fraternities as ‘Rapists’



A College of William and Mary student said that “labeling all members of fraternities as rapists is justified” after vandals spray painted “rapist” on frats at the school in November.

Aditya Mohan made the remark in a column for The Flat Hat, one of the school’s papers. He also argued that the community should “destroy [fraternities].”

“It is all of our responsibilities to stand in solidarity with victims, trans people, poor people, women, people of color and others hurt by fraternities and destroy the structures that harm them,” wrote the student, who added that frats are “a network built to further nepotism and favoritism in employment, politics and civil society.”

Mohan says there are issues with both erasing and keeping the vandalism on the frat building. He says erasing it could censor survivors, but leaving it could trigger those survivors.

Now campus activists say that one in five women are sexually assaulted during their time on campus. But the study cited only accounted for students at two universities, received a low response rate, counted drunken-sex as assault, and didn’t actually ask the students polled outright whether they experienced rape or sexual assault. The Bureau of Justice, meanwhile, reports that fewer than one percent of college students are sexually assaulted.

Students have targeted frats both verbally and physically across the country. A University of Virginia frat had its house vandalized and windows smashed with bricks after Rolling Stone magazine libelously published a story about a gang rape that never in fact occurred there. Antifa marched on frats at the University of Minnesota with a sign stating “kill rapists” and shouted “f*** the frats.” Vandals at the University of Texas at Austin wrote “kill frat boys,” “racist” and “rapist” on frat houses, and Antifa published an open letter ordering people to “make their lives hell.” A few days later, student Kendrex White stabbed four students — killing one — allegedly searching specifically for frat and sorority members.

University of Illinois

Prof Wins SocJus Award After Allegedly Filming Mascot Supporter In Bathroom



Illinois made the news recently for throwing out restrictions on third-trimester abortions, but progressivism isn’t just rearing its head on the political level. University of Illinois professor Jay Rosenstein won the school’s 2019 social justice award for outstanding faculty or staff, reported Campus Reform.

Jay, who, spoiler, isn’t a fan of Native American mascots, put out a documentary that contributed to the National Collegiate Athletic Association punishing member schools that use Indian mascots and logos by forbidding those schools from hosting games. Rather than lose the money and attention these games draw, many schools opted to scrap their mascots.

But documentary isn’t the only outlet for Jay’s bullying campaign. The professor apparently followed two students who supported the University of Illinois’ former Indian mascot into the bathroom. One of them was going to change into a costume for the mascot and Jay got out his phone. The professor was arrested for “unauthorized videotaping” and said he was acting as a journalist but, fortunately for him, a state attorney dropped the charge, saying “The criminal-justice system is not the place to gain an advantage for one side or the other on a public debate.”

Right, because the charge pertained solely to the mascot debate and had nothing to do with, oh I don’t know, filming someone in a restroom.

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Wellesley College

Hillary: Circumstances Of Trump’s America ‘More Dangerous’ Than Nazi Germany



Hillary Clinton spoke about fascism recently at a Wellesley College alumnae event, majorly alluding to President Donald Trump, according to Campus Reform.

She suggests that appealing to the crowd, using symbols, and intimidation are part of fascism. Appealing to the crowd…isn’t that what you want to do? I mean this sounds like a pretty hardcore cope by someone who isn’t exactly the most likeable candidate or First Lady. About the clever use of symbols…it’s true that the right crushes the left when it comes to the meme game. And you’re not exactly breaking new ground by invoking Hitler. As for physical intimidation, maybe she’s referring to that time Trump stood behind her in an admittedly rather sketchy fashion at the debates. It’s not clear whether that was deliberate or just a boomer moment.

“There is nothing normal about attacking the press,” Clinton said. “There is nothing normal about trying to undermine another branch of government.”

I wonder if Hillary’s ever heard of concepts like checks and balances and the separation of powers. I mean this is middle school civics stuff. She’s gonna use the term “undermine” because she’s biased, but the executive branch is supposed to have a confrontational relationship with the legislature and the judiciary. And it’s through all sides pushing at one another that we reach the best solution. As for attacking the press, there’s a pretty big difference between outlawing opposition, storm troopers smashing printing presses and using your Twitter to mock the Amazon Washington Post or Failing New York Times. Free speech, right?

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Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Rep Triggered By Anti-Illegal Alien Prof



Georgia Gwinnett College professor Fang Zhou recently said “it is so wonderful and joyful to see illegal immigrants deported by ICE. I do a celebration dance when ICE deports illegals. MAGA!” according to Fox News. Georgia Democrat Rep. Bee Nguyen was not too happy.

Nguyen posted on Twitter “While we celebrate the passage of the Dream Act, this [Georgia Gwinnett] professor uses hostile terms ‘ghetto thugs,’ ‘libtards,’ & spreads false narratives about immigrants. Are these the values supported by Georgia Gwinnett College?”

Zhou had those insults, though it’s not clear at whom he’s directing them, and he said “I am against political correctness. I speak truth to power in class and my students learn about the financial drain of illegal immigration on the economy and the high crime rate of illegal immigrants.”

So where’s the false narrative, Bee? The Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, estimated the cost of illegal immigration to US taxpayers as roughly $116 billion. As for crime, you’ve probably heard the narrative promoted by left-wing and libertarian media and think tanks that “hey, actually, illegals commit less crime than actual citizens.”

Well, Peter Kirsanow over at National Review says that such calculations leave out crimes “related to procuring fraudulent social security numbers, obtaining false drivers’ licenses, using fraudulent green cards, and improperly accessing public benefits.” Kirsanow also notes that agencies often don’t even track info on illegal alien crimes while FAIR points out that some researchers, like the libertarian Cato Institute, leave out drug crimes because, you know, facts don’t care about your feelings, unlessyou’re a stoner.

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