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William & Mary Student Fans Flames, Justifies Labeling All Members of Fraternities as ‘Rapists’



A College of William and Mary student said that “labeling all members of fraternities as rapists is justified” after vandals spray painted “rapist” on frats at the school in November.

Aditya Mohan made the remark in a column for The Flat Hat, one of the school’s papers. He also argued that the community should “destroy [fraternities].”

“It is all of our responsibilities to stand in solidarity with victims, trans people, poor people, women, people of color and others hurt by fraternities and destroy the structures that harm them,” wrote the student, who added that frats are “a network built to further nepotism and favoritism in employment, politics and civil society.”

Mohan says there are issues with both erasing and keeping the vandalism on the frat building. He says erasing it could censor survivors, but leaving it could trigger those survivors.

Now campus activists say that one in five women are sexually assaulted during their time on campus. But the study cited only accounted for students at two universities, received a low response rate, counted drunken-sex as assault, and didn’t actually ask the students polled outright whether they experienced rape or sexual assault. The Bureau of Justice, meanwhile, reports that fewer than one percent of college students are sexually assaulted.

Students have targeted frats both verbally and physically across the country. A University of Virginia frat had its house vandalized and windows smashed with bricks after Rolling Stone magazine libelously published a story about a gang rape that never in fact occurred there. Antifa marched on frats at the University of Minnesota with a sign stating “kill rapists” and shouted “f*** the frats.” Vandals at the University of Texas at Austin wrote “kill frat boys,” “racist” and “rapist” on frat houses, and Antifa published an open letter ordering people to “make their lives hell.” A few days later, student Kendrex White stabbed four students — killing one — allegedly searching specifically for frat and sorority members.


Ryerson ‘School of Fashion’ Chair Hosts Toxic Masculinity Talk



You all really need to send me more tips about Canadian universities if your professors are as — interesting — as Dr. Ben Barry, an equity, diversity, and inclusion professor at Ryerson who serves as chair of the university’s School of Fashion, according to Campus Reform.

Barry’s scholarly work includes publications with names like “Gender rebels: inside the wardrobes of young gay men with subversive style” and his forthcoming work, called “Fabulous masculinities: Refashioning the fat and disabled male body.” And Ryerson isn’t the only place that sees studies like these as not entirely worthless. Barry’s set to give a speech at Cornell University next month entitled “Can Fashion End Toxic Masculinity?” where he’ll “question whether current movements in men’s fashion are systemically or stylistically refashioning the gender order.”

Alright so look, you hear the snark when I’m talking about this guy, but don’t think I’m against him expressing his opinion. No, I’m against us as a society applauding and elevating, awarding huge federal research grants, high salaries, Ivy League speaking gigs, and doctorates to whoever puts on the best display of cultural Marxism.

Because make no mistake, that’s what this is. This guy wants to end toxic masculinity. Toxic, of course, is code for traditional masculinity, which is different from femininity. Now, both masculinity and femininity are wonderful in their own ways, but there is a distinction. And that’s the whole problem. Whereas economic Marxists aim to eradicate class differences, cultural Marxists want to scrap everything from gender to the distinction between facts and feelings not because they want to “promote equality and diversity” or any of that hogwash, but because they want power.

If everything’s a social construct, everything’s open to their own twisted interpretation, at a high salary, of course. Cultural Marxists are willing to trash everything that makes us unique individuals if it means that they get to preach from the bully pulpit and get some of that cold, hard cash. Well, not on my watch.

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Georgetown University

Mandatory Reparations Fee Approved By Georgetown Students



If you go to Georgetown University, you might find yourself paying an extra $27.20 next semester for slavery reparations, according to Campus Reform. It’s a rather odd number, but $27.20 represents the 272 slaves that the school sold in 1838 to dodge bankruptcy. Now, a reasonable person might say “alright that sucks, slavery’s wrong.” But a particularly bitter and vindictive individual might say “hey, you know what we should do? Take this out on people nearly 200 years later, who had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Nearly 4,000 Georgetown students voted in a recent referendum and almost two-thirds of them agreed to institute a fee of $27.20 that undergraduate students would have to pay each semester. This money would go towards descendants of the slaves the school sold.

Now, the students still need to get the approval of Georgetown’s Board of Visitors to institute the fee, but Maya Moretta, one of the students promoting the reparations, said she thinks they’ll go for it. Maya also said “The Georgetown student body can be grossly apathetic and we have to beat down that apathy.”

Because when someone doesn’t agree with you, don’t try to win them over with facts or logic, no, no, beat them down. So while it’s unclear whether the board will approve the reparations fee, it’s not as though the school has previously declined atoning for the sins of people living in a time with slightly different social standards.

Georgetown said sorry for the slave sale a couple years ago, renamed buildings named after Jesuits who participated in the sale, established an African American Studies department, and openly said that descendants of slaves would receive affirmative action in the admission process.

Are you ready to pay up for a crime that you personally had nothing to do with, but maybe your great-great-grandfather did? Let me know below.

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University of Missouri-Kansas City

Student Charged With Assault Of Conservative Speaker



University of Missouri — Kansas City student Gerard Dabu got arrested after hurling at Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire some sort of concoction that smelled like bleach but apparently wasn’t, according to Campus Reform.

Attendees of Knowles’ lecture were shouting “Hands up, don’t shoot.” As if that’s even relevant. This is how vapid our culture’s become — we have a meaningless platitude or pejorative for everything we don’t like. Someone has a different opinion than you? Call them a Nazi. Cops doing their job? Invoke Michael Brown. Anyways, the UMKC student is charged with assault, assault on law enforcement, peaceful disturbance, property damage, and resisting arrest.

So it must’ve been something really controversial that elicited that unhinged response, right? I mean, leftists don’t just get upset over nothing, right? This must’ve been something so inflammatory, so incendiary…you know, something like a presentation entitled “Men Are Not Women.”

Yes. Really. That’s apparently all it takes to trigger a meltdown these days. If they’re making it this easy, who knows, maybe I’ll embark on some campus tours for Rebel. The first one will be called “Up Is Not Down.”

For the second one, maybe we’ll do something like “2 + 2 doesn’t equal 5.”

It’s just too easy, fam. But the real question is whether the student will actually get sanctioned for his crime or just have the charges scrapped. Remember what happened with bike lock professor Eric Clanton? All felony assault charges were dropped. Hopefully there will be some actual justice this time around.

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