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University of Colorado-Boulder

Prof Teaches ‘Gender-Inclusive’ Hebrew Language



University of Colorado-Boulder professor Eyal Rivlin teaches Jewish Studies and is working with a “gender non-binary” student on something he calls the Nonbinary Hebrew Project, reported Campus Reform. Apparently, the concern is that people who are “gender non-binary” and are used to using pronouns like “they” and “them” have the horrific problem of having to assign a gender to many words in Hebrew.

Now obviously, this cannot stand. Professor Rivlin said “we ended up creating a few basic rules that apply to the whole language and actually make sense within the grammar system of Hebrew.” “Native Hebrew speakers can intuitively, based on these few added rules, create this new language without any problems.”

He teaches this “gender-inclusive” version of the language to his classes. And there you have it. In clown world America, the delusional minority doesn’t have to assimilate to the majority. No, no, you must change how you speak so that, what, less than one percent of the population doesn’t have their feelings hurt?

And this group of agitators is a minority only in the statistical sense. Think about how many lower-class people you’ve heard use “xe” and “xir.” These aren’t the humble requests of a poor, downtrodden group, but instead the demands of a political lobby with woke allies in Hollywood, academia, the media, Silicon Valley, all the organs of power.


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