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Indiana University of Pennsylvania

University Boots Student Who Says There Are Two Genders



Indiana University of Pennsylvania booted student Lake Ingle out of a Christian theology course after Ingle dared question the liberal orthodoxy when it came to concepts like male privilege, the gender wage gap, the existence of only two genders, and mansplaining, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. Yes, mansplaining — that’s where your tax dollars are going, Pennsylvania.

Ingle objected to his unnamed professor’s “misuse of intellectual power,” saying “during my time as a Religious Studies major, I have had professors insult me for opposing views, call me names such as ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’, and have had my views discredited due [to] my race, gender, and sexual orientation.”

Now, he needed to take the Christian theology class to graduate, but was booted for apparently “significantly disrupt[ing] the learning process.” The school launched an investigation into Ingle and the student consented, buuuut much to the dismay of the ivy tower echo chamber, he also brought his story into this place called the real world.

News outlets picked it up. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit that sues universities that violate students’ free speech rights, took interest, as well as the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, who offered Ingle a tuition-free version of the course at his school.

Okay, so it’s already pretty embarrassing when another school offers to teach your student for free but you know what would make it even worse? Making it obvious you made the wrong call by canceling your own campus investigation into the student. IUP president Michael Driscoll did just that and invited Ingle back to class.



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