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University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Brother Of Fallen Soldier UNLEASHES On Student Protesters



Students from the University of Massachusetts protested at the state house, where a Gold Star family reception was happening, according to Campus Reform. Now here on Campus Unmasked, we’ve got no problem with you chanting your opinions, even if they’re as bonkers as free college. But there’s a difference between protest and disruption.

So the students at first continued shouting their platitudes over the Star-Spangled Banner, but then cut off and a guy came along telling them that a Gold Star family ceremony for fallen soldiers was in progress. But that apparently didn’t mean much to the students, who quickly resumed their chants.

In fact, it took the brother of one of the fallen soldiers being honored to finally make the students show some respect.

The protesters did leave shortly after that UMass student government-organized event and I just want to take a look for a second at the kinds of people that make up these groups. Here’s the Twitter profile of Timmy Sullivan, president of the  UMass student government. #GreenNewDeal, and #[Black Lives Matter]. He apparently really likes his emojis, including the rose often used by democratic socialists and asking about a solar panel one.

Sullivan used to be a member of an organization at UMass called the Center for Education Policy and Advocacy, a group which also helped organize the protest and which received over $100,000 in student fees this fiscal year, reported Campus Reform. That’s six times more than the school’s College Republicans chapter got. The group has explicitly encouraged its members to go to a “progressive caucus” and author “leftist op-eds.”

See, This is why it’s a very good idea to make these student fees not mandatoryso that students don’t have to pay for partisan claptrap with which they might not even agree.


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