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California State University - Long Beach

Why Is Antifa Protesting Charlie Kirk?



Antifa members and others protested a California State University — Long Beach speech by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, according to Campus Reform.

The protesters chanted about fascism and the KKK, which did not really resonate with Turning Point USA’s mission:

“To educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. Through non-partisan debate, dialogue, and discussion, Turning Point USA believes that every young person can be enlightened to true free market values.”

Free market values…you can’t get much more milquetoast than that. You should know you’re on the side of lunacy when you’re trying to move the Overton window so that free market values are somehow objectionable. 

The CSU Long Beach police department said “there were no major disturbances” and it made zero arrests, but does anyone remember back in February, when Antifa did clash with actual white nationalists outside another Charlie Kirk event?

You would think these extremist groups would know this is the 21st century and people have cameras they can whip out in a second. In an era when people connected to white nationalist groups are losing their jobs, I’m not so sure there’s n o such thing as bad press. Then again, the same doesn’t hold for the far-left…remember how bike lock professor Eric Clanton got all felony charges dropped against HIM?


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