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Texas A&M University

College Event Blames CHRISTIANITY For Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism



Texas A&M organized a roundtable after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, according to Campus Reform. Professor Claire Katz suggested that it was a good idea to rebrand white nationalism as white Christian nationalism, even though there’s absolutely no evidence linking the shooter’s motives to Christianity. She was citing a quote from a Temple University professor.

Katz suggested that “wear your Sunday best” was related to “white Christian nationalism.” I don’t think I’ve ever once thought of church, Christ, etc. when I’ve said that phrase. Sure, it came from Christianity because we’ve always been and still are a predominantly Christian country, Claire, but it’s really become just another American colloquialism. You know what, though, don’t even pay attention to the fact that the professor’s handout during the event didn’t even use the right “wear.” No, no, Claire is very smart and if she says Monday it’s “wear your Sunday best” and Tuesday it’s genocide, I will listen and believe.

Katz’s speech wasn’t the only flop at this Texas A&M event. A lecturer named David Brenner butchered a Hitler quote. He claimed that the Nazi dictator told the New York Times that “it was America that taught us a nation should not open its doors equally to all nations.” But the real quote is the exact opposite. Hitler said “Moreover, it was America, in spite of its enormous territory, that was the first country to teach us—by its immigration law—that a nation should open its doors equally to all nations.”

Yeah, if you’re a probably left-leaning professor who can’t even properly quote the very person your side uses to defame and demonize Trump, Jordan Peterson, and pretty much everyone else who’s not a socialist, you might wanna go back to the drawing board.


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