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St. Olaf's College

‘Fatphobia’ Activist Not Shocked Christchurch Shooter Was Fitness Trainer



Sonalee Rashatwar, who bills herself on Instagram as “thefatsextherapist,” really took intersectionality to the next level during a speech at St. Olaf’s College when she linked the supposed oppression of fat people to the Christchurch shooter being a fitness trainer, according to Campus Reform.

Talk about guilt by association. “Oh, you’re a dog person? Well, guess who else liked dogs, big guy. That’s right, Adolf Hitler.” I mean, can you construct a more facile argument? You know, the New Zealand shooter was really eager to implicate as many people and concepts as possible in the specter of political violence. He dropped quite a few names and memes — you heard Candace Owens, “subscribe to PewDiePie,” he gave the OK sign at one point — but I doubt even he could’ve dreamed that his shooting could be weaponized to incite a culture war of skinny vs. fat.

Sonalee also referenced “nonconsensual diets.” The jokes write themselves, folks. You know, I wonder if she’s run this terminology by the feminist rape culture arm of the social justice movement. Does comparing a diet to rape trivialize sexual assault or is it empowering to the obese which, in America at least, probably accounts for a much bigger part of the population.

The speaker also compared eugenics to diet and exercise. I’ve been reliably informed by my intellectual superiors in the media and academia that everything is a social construct. But maybe that’s only when it benefits leftists. If it’s urging people to eat right, work out, anything that favors order over chaos, objective standards over cultural Marxism, then  “whoa whoa slow down — it’s all biology, duuuude. We can’t help it!”


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