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University of Georgia

Georgia TA Bashes ‘Crappy White People’



Irami Osei-Frimpong, a philosophy PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Georgia said “we can talk about voter suppression. We can talk about ID laws. But all of this begins and ends with the fact that we make crappy White people. So if we are serious, we have to dismantle the institutions that make crappy white people. Their churches, their schools, their families,” according to Campus Reform.

How are you going to “dismantle” white people’s churches, schools, and families, Irami? That sounds pretty insidious to me. You know, while they tend not to have the most luck getting jobs, I thought philosophy scholars were at least deep, nuanced thinkers. But Irami seems more inclined to think in terms of shallow and untrue generalizations.

He said “So, Georgia, are we finished with the illusion that White Georgians don’t vote to protect the perks of White Supremacy?” “Democrats need to go to war on the White electorate,” and “Respectability Democrats, Black and White, are worthless.”

“Go to war on the white electorate”…why are calls for a race war completely OK if they come from a certain side of the spectrum? And “respectability Democrats”…hmmmm…something tells me Irami isn’t the biggest fan of civility. I wonder if he’s taken a trip to the DC area recently to harass Ted Cruz during dinner or knock on Tucker Carlson’s door.

Irami’s previously said “there is a way in which White people in the South learn manners as a series of behaviors the way autistic kids learn to read social cues for behaviors. Except since these guys and gals aren’t autistic, I just feel like I’m around a bunch of sociopaths.”

Wow, yeah, if you’re a white southerner with a knack for philosophy, you might not want to take a class at the University of Georgia.

University of Georgia

Facebook Suspends TA Who Bashed ‘Crappy White People’



University of Georgia TA Irami Osei-Frimpong said “We can talk about voter suppression. We can talk about ID laws. But all of this begins and ends with the fact that we make crappy White people”? The TA apparently got suspended by Facebook for 30 days for violating the company’s hate speech policy, according to Campus Reform.

But don’t worry! Irami has his supporters like UGA brain and behavioral science professor Janet Frick, who said “Ok, I may be a crappy white people, but even I know that’s not hate speech. That’s “hurt your feelings speech” but not hate speech.”

“A crappy white people?” That reminds me of Rutgers professor James Livingston of “OK, officially, I now hate white people. I am a white people” fame. Rutgers originally found James guilty of violating its discrimination and harassment policy, but proceeded to let him off the hook. Similarly, talking about the TA, who has condemned what he termed “respectability Democrats” and who’s also compared southern whites to sociopaths and autistic kids, UGA spokesman Greg Trevor said “Views expressed by students, faculty, and staff in their personal capacities do not reflect the views of the university.”

But Irami is part of the university, Greg — a part that’s probably giving grades to white students.

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SUNY New Paltz

University Employees Stealing GOP Signs?



State University of New York New Paltz professor Laura Ebert is facing a larceny misdemeanor charge after a video appeared to show her removing GOP signs from a lawn, according to Campus Reform.

The professor said:

“I meant no personal harm, and don’t know the person whose lawn the sign was on. I have family I love that support Trump, so I was after the sign, not the person….I did it in a moment of weakness and high emotion.”

An an anti-Trump professor acting out of weakness and high emotion? You don’t say. And Laura wasn’t the only university employee messing with signs. Melissa Link, who serves as a managing editor of the environment and ethics over at the University of Georgia, also allegedly tore down GOP signs in her neck of the woods, reported Campus Reform.

She claimed it’s illegal to put political signs on road median strips, on roadsides, and grass separating the sidewalk from the road.

“If you see these [signs], please call ACC Code Enforcement at 706-613-3790 or feel free to rip them up yourself for proper disposal because they are considered litter,” she said. “Republican campaigns are infamous for lining roadsides near polling places with signs in the wee hours of the morning. This is illegal but not unexpected, they know they can’t win without cheating.”

Well, it turns out that neither the Official Code of Georgia, nor the municipal code for that Georgia county authorize random civilians to tear down signs. Now, some people might think it’s petty to hold university employees accountable for vandalizing signs or charging with battery individuals like Florida State student Shelby Shoup, who apparently worked on Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum’s campaign, threw chocolate milk on College Republicans, and kicked over a GOP sign.

But REMEMBER: the left has no qualms with holding THEIR political opponents’ feet to the fire over harmless jokes or not keeping up with the new term for “illegal alien.” Why not hold them accountable for actual crimes?

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