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University of Texas at Arlington

Pro-Palestinian Student: ‘Every Last Jew Will Die’



How much cognitive dissonance does it take to tweet “I don’t hate Jews, I hate Zionists” just SEVEN MINUTES after saying “when Palestine is returned, just know there will be NO mercy what so ever [sic], every last Jew will die”? 

The dude who said he doesn’t hate Jews seven minutes after saying “every last Jew will die” is University of Texas at Arlington student Malik Ibrahim, according to Canary Mission. Malik is part of UT Arlington’s Muslim Students Association and went on to say “the Jews that do live will be swallowed by us, we will marry their daughters and there will only be Muslim Arabs” and, a few weeks later, celebrated the EU’s decision to take Hamas off of its terrorism list.

But Malik isn’t an isolated case of pro-Palestinian radicalism at UT Arlington. Dana Amar, then vice president of the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine, said “Hamas are freedom fighters. Not terrorists.” This was during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, which started when Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teens. If that’s not a terrorist act, I’m not quite sure what is.

Another UT Arlington student and fellow Muslim Students Association member Noor Saadat really likes her Arabic, using it to tweet “Allah will curse the father of the Jews” and apparently screamed “the homes of the Jews be destroyed.” There’s also Ahmad Hajmahmoud, who tweeted what translates to “Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs.” And of course, UT Arlington graduate Elhaum Langroodi, who compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler.

Finally, there’s Nancy Salem, a UT Arlington SJP activist but not student who got fired from her job teaching two-year-olds after tweets including phrases like “kill some Jews” and “gassed a Jew.” You know, a lot of people treat the Israel-Palestine conflict as a nuanced issue, and it is. But if you want your side of the argument to be taken seriously, this is NOT how you do it.


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