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‘Free Palestine, You F**ks’ Scrawled On Jewish Group’s Sign



If, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Israelis are really the hateful ones, why is it that in Israel, terrorist groups like Hamas claim so man y o f the Palestinians killed and then in the West, not letting the other side speak is something done exclusively BY pro-Palestinian students TO pro-Israel students? Oh and then there’s also the vandalism, like today’s story.

If you took a trip to the University of Oregon last week, you might’ve run across this Jewish Hillel group’s sign, which was defaced with “Free Palestine, you fucks,” as The Algemeiner reported, what appears to be the number 21, something illegible, and then what looks like “fuck your high horse”? Honestly, isn’t the whole point of graffiti to communicate a message? I mean you can have illegal, but still really beautiful graffiti sometimes in the city, but this is just lazy.

Anyway, the school’s student life VP Kevin Marbury called the vandalism “an unacceptable violation [of] our university values” and said “anti-Semitism and other forms of hate have no place at the University of Oregon.”

The student senate passed a resolution supporting the boycott, divest, sanction movement, which calls on schools to stop doing business with companies like HP and Boeing that support Israel. But the administration wasn’t quite on board. University of Oregon President Michael Schill said “to many Jewish people, myself included, the BDS movement not only seeks to criticize the policies of the current Israeli government, but also calls into question the very right of the State of Israel to exist.”


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