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Santa Clara University

Cali Student FREAKS OUT At Anti-Socialism Display



A student at Santa Clara University asserted that “Cuba has done great” under communism at an anti-communism display by Turning Point USA, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. This is a country where, as of 2015, not even a third of the population was connected to the Internet or had a cell phone. Sure, literacy’s important, but you’re learning to read so that you can earn a living and communist governments aren’t the MOST rewarding of individual merit. Cuba’s GDP per capita is under 8,000 US dollars, which is PRETTY BAD compared to the US and Canada’s 58 and 42,000. Defending Cuba is like saying an ice cream sundae is still a dessert even though the ice cream’s melted and it’s served with a topping of tens of thousands of dead bodies.

The student trashed a Turning Point flyer and another student allegedly ripped flags representing the victims of communism out of the ground. I spoke with Turning Point Santa Clara’s president, Rhaaghav Kanodia, and he told me:

“Whenever there is discrimination against values which are inherently aligned with the liberals, our school and the administration have sent out emails offering every resource they have available to support the students who have allegedly been discriminated against. But when it comes to values which align with conservative, there is usually little or no action…taken.”

And that does seem to be the case. Back in April, I reported on Santa Clara’s “S-Know Your Whiteness” board, which used Snow White to argue that “whiteness” is “about power” and said that race had “no scientific basis.” The school took it down for a bit, but put it back up, changing the title but keeping all other parts of the cringe-worthy thing exactly the same.

Santa Clara University

University Features ‘S-Know Your Whiteness’ Board



A dorm at The University of Santa Clara featured this enlightening bulletin board called ‘S-Know Your Whiteness,’ reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. Race-baiting fruitcakes putting up propaganda on college campuses isn’t new, but what’s really interesting about this case is how perfectly the dwarfs line up with the emotion I felt when reading each section.

For instance, Grump says whiteness is about power. This makes me grumpy because no, whiteness isn’t about power; YOU are about power. The left is OBSESSED with power: identity politics to divide and conquer, social media lynch mobs and deplatforming campaigns, and when all else fails, Antifa punching you out because the end justify the means.

Dopey is featured above two photos of an Arab: 1985, freedom fighter. 2005, terrorist. Yeah it definitely would take a complete dope to present that uncritically without mentioning the oh, I don’t know, 3,000 lives lost on 9/11.

The student photographer told me that about ¾ of the people in Santa Clara’s county voted for Hillary. “Every day, students walk by posters with instructions on how to be an ally to ‘undocumented students,’ flyers on how to avoid ‘toxic masculinity,’ and advertisements for classes with titles like ‘Queer Native American Literature.’ I’m just waiting for university administrations to realize that their product is not marketable; if it were, they wouldn’t have to rely so heavily on government endowments.” Ouch. Harsh but fair.

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