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Students Bash Fallen Cop’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Flag



The University of California, Davis has a student group called the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission, which bashed a Blue Lives Matter flag fallen police officer Natalie Corona said she’d carried to show appreciation for current officers, as well as those who have died during their service, according to Campus Reform.

The group says that the Blue Lives Matter flag “represents an attempt by law enforcement to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement….This was done in an effort to evade accountability and critical awareness of police treatment of communities of color.”

Wow, that’s quite the presumption. You do know that in these encounters between police officers and suspects, officers are often the victims too, right? And while many suspects are shot, they don’t have the legal right to use lethal force on officers trying to arrest them whereas officers can use lethal force if their lives are in danger.

The commission says “to decontextualize the flag would be an erasure of its symbolism of political repression and white supremacy. The flag is blatantly anti-Black and disrespectful.”

The UC Davis student president denounced the student group’s post and the student group hashtag deleted their account. The College Republicans chair said that “anti-cop rhetoric” is “commonplace” on campus and I wouldn’t be shocked. Here at Campus Unmasked, we’ve reported on Brooklyn College suggesting that cops use a dilapidated campus bathroom with no soap and broken sinks, as well as a former New York Antifa professor who tweeted “dead cops are good” and “burn a police station, Philly.” Being on the side of the law isn’t likely to win you a whole lot of fans in the ivory tower these days, folks.


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