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Cornell University

Cornell Student Strips To Combat Oppression



When Cornell University student Letitia Chai practiced her “Acting in Public” presentation earlier in the week, she opted for a button-down shirt and short shorts, and she got really triggered when her professor allegedly told her the outfit would distract men in the class and asked the girl “what would your mom think?” reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“My mom is a Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Studies professor,” Letitia responded. “She has dedicated her life to the empowerment of people in all gender identities. So, I think my mother would be fine with my shorts.”

But Letitia sure showed this professor, proceeding to dress even more provocatively and also convincing 28 out of 44 spectators of her presentation to do the same.


But Letitia’s speech wasn’t some kind of slutwalk spiel against rape culture or anything. No, she was talking about treating refugees as resources rather than burdens, a lecture that, outside of the ivory tower, would probably be made at the UN and in a bit more formal attire. Make no mistake: she donned this little get-up not out of relevance to her thesis but entirely out of spite and to prove that she could.



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