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City University of New York

Law Student Shouts ‘F*** The Law!’ At Prof



South Texas College of Law Professor Josh Blackman tried to give a speech titled “The Importance of Free Speech on Campus” at CUNY and it’s ironic because he didn’t get to give the speech, which in and of itself perfectly captured the importance of free speech on campus, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Dozens of protesters greeted Blackman with signs bearing slogans like “my existence is greater than your opinion” and “conservative hate does not equal intellectual debate,” as well as the chant of “shame on you!” and even one law student’s ironic “f*** the law.”

You know, while they may come up short on arguments, logic, self-control…if there’s one thing progressives don’t lack, it’s raw emotion. So I was a little disappointed when they gave up trying to silence Blackman with a heckler’s veto just 10 minutes in and allowed him to answer questions, if not actually give his prepared speech.

As a certain president would say: LOW ENERGY. But really, these are our future attorneys, judges, maybe even Supreme Court Justices. I’d suggest grabbing some popcorn and silencing your phone, but you’re not just watching this horror film; you’re part of it.

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