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Fordham University

Student Punished After Kicking Out MAGA-Hatter



Remember the Fordham University College Republicans who got kicked out of a campus coffee shop after their “Make America Great Again” apparel apparently violated the place’s “safer space policy”?

Well, Fordham University said Kristal Ho, the president of Rodrigue’s Coffee, violated two parts of its code of conduct: disorderly conduct and “engaging in or inciting others to engage in conduct…which prevents or limits the free expression of the ideas of others,” reported The Fordham Ram. For her sanction, Ho has to write an apology letter. Yes, an apology letter. I have an idea, Fordham: how about the repeal of Rodrigue’s “safer space policy” along with 50 hours of community service on the 2020 campaign of President Donald J. Trump?

But get this: Ho wasn’t the only student punished. Fordham has suspended former College Republican Sebastian Balasov from going to Rodrigue’s or attending any of their events — because I’m sure he was really eager to go back — and he also has a sort of restraining order to keep away from Ho. Furthermore, the college sanctioned Balasov for “publication, distribution, or posting of recordings of members of the Fordham University community and/or any persons on Fordham University property online or via social media,” even though Balasov denies having distributed the video.

Fordham University

Campus Coffee Shop Boots College Republicans For Wearing MAGA Hats



“No soup for you!” Or coffee, I guess, if you dare to support Trump in Rodrigue’s Coffee at Fordham University.

College Republicans got kicked out of the coffee shop for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, reported Campus Reform

“Fascism! Nazis!” shouted one of the store employees at the students.

Leftists want to have their coffee and drink it too. You better bake that cake for a gay couple, but when WE own the store, you can get out if you have the wrong political views.

One College Republican took a photo of Rodrigue’s “safer space policy”…because I guess the regular safe space wasn’t safe enough? The shop owner said that MAGA hats violated this policy, which reads “do not make assumptions about someone’s gender, sexuality, race, class, or experiences…be aware of the boundaries of others’ space, physical or otherwise, and respect their consent.” How did the College Republicans violate that? And actually, it looks like the shop owner violated this student’s space by trying to take his hat without his consent.

Okay, MAGA hats have been controversial since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. So maybe it was only the hat’s link to Trump that was problematic, right?

“The Make America Great Again hats were the ones she said represented fascism,” said Aaron Spring, one of the booted students, on Fox News. “However, after they said that, they did attack this American flag, which I’m holding up, saying that we were affiliated with the Make America Great Again people and therefore we had to leave as well.”

Make no mistake: this is not just an attack on Trump; this is an attack on America by a small but shrill faction of progressive virtue signalers or true believers in academia and the media who value platitudes and emotion over actual empirical reality. So, what does Fordham University have to say about this incident?

“Rodrigues is a student-operated part of our student-led Campus Activities Board and advised by Student Affairs staff,” said Bob Howe, assistant vice president for communications at Fordham, to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “There is no University safe space policy, nor one that excludes any members of the Fordham community from any public spaces on the basis of their political views.”

The coffee shop hasn’t done or said a peep since the scandal except make its Twitter a “safer space,” but good luck with those Google reviews, Rodrigue’s! It’s going to take an awfully long time for a local coffee shop to recover from that, but good, it should.

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