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Gun Control

Antifa To Students: ‘School Itself Is Violent & Oppressive’



Remember It’s Going Down, the Antifa news outlet that sells buttons like “hospitalize your local fascist” and “no more presidents”? Well, this Saturday, the site is launching one of the most cringe-worthy propaganda campaigns I’ve seen to convert gun control student protesters into full-blown Antifa militants.

An anonymous It’s Going Down contributor said “many of us watched and cheered over the last couple of days as students broke through fences, tore down an American flag, chanted against the police, showed resilience and solidarity when the police attempted to arrest and repress them.”

If you’re a normal person, you might condemn this barbaric fringe of an otherwise peaceful protest. But if you’re a super edgy, devilishly creative, and probably hopelessly unemployed and useless member of society, you’ll create propaganda to exploit this radical element to further an ideology that failed all across Europe last century.

“High schools are normalizing barred windows…surveillance cameras and metal detectors in the hallways…armed cops and k-9 units conducting random ‘routine’ searches…and we’re talking about giving teachers handguns?”

These are the same pinheads who think that, instead of merely suspending them, teachers will just start shooting black students as discipline. But shhhh make sure you don’t mention the armed officer who stopped the Maryland shooter — that wouldn’t quite fit the narrative now would it?

Here’s another flier from It’s Going Down: “WHAT YOU CAN DO” “YOUTH POWER! Abolishing patriarchy, abolishing whiteness, abolishing police and prisons, abolishing authority….Let’s face it, school itself is violent and oppressive.”

Okay, the only kind of violent schools I know are the ones with corporal punishment…and yeah kids sometimes deserve that. Probably a good half of Antifa is just kids who didn’t get spanked enough as children. As for oppressive…well, that’s probably referring to those “F”s on essays where they try but fail to rationalize communism.

Ultimately, this message from one of the sites Antifa advertises on the flier best sums up the movement: “NO! Against Adult Supremacy.” Haven’t heard of that type of supremacy before, have you? You see, this isn’t about the system vs. the people or the oppressor vs. the oppressed. This is about the mature grownups vs. the immature, middle-class hipsters and the kids they indoctrinate.

Gun Control

Pro-Gun, Jewish Parkland Student A ‘Hitler Type’?



Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv posted a photo and video from his visit to a gun range with his dad earlier in April, saying how important it is to learn about the 2nd Amendment, and this was apparently enough to earn him an interrogation by security officers at his school, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

And Kyle didn’t just face a PRIVATE scolding for exercising his 2nd Amendment rights. No, he was also apparently publicly shamed by Marjory Stoneman Douglas teacher Gregory Pittman. Three of Pittman’s students said the teacher called Kyle “dangerous” and the “next Hitler” in front of the class.

“I find it utterly vile that he’d call a Jew the next Hitler,” said Kyle, whose family moved to the U.S. from Israel in the 90s. “It’s also quite telling that he doesn’t know that Hitler took the people’s weaponry and I want more law-abiding citizens to have firearms.”

The irony is mind-boggling enough already. But this Parkland teacher who seems not to know that Hitler took AWAY guns instead of defending the right to own them teaches…you guessed it, history.

Pittman isn’t the only rather lackluster student of history. Parkland student activists like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez use the phrase “Never Again” as a rallying cry to misrepresent and strip away gun rights, when that very phrase is in fact distinctly used to refer to the Holocaust, MADE POSSIBLE by stripping away gun rights. Maybe that has something to do with all of those college rejections, eh David?

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Gun Control

American Flag Ripped Down By Student Gun Control Protesters



Students from thousands of schools across the U.S. commemorated the one-month anniversary of the Parkland massacre by walking out of class for 17 minutes, one for each of the victims. Empower, a youth wing of the Women’s March, coordinated the protests, according to The Washington Post. But it wasn’t all just signs and stale slogans…Antioch High School students, for instance, ripped down an American flag and reportedly trashed a police car, as well, reported The Goldwater.

That wasn’t the only expression of compassion through violence. California students at Mount Diablo High School apparently felt it necessary to break through this locked gate to protest gun control, reported NBC Bay Area. Of course, Antifa chapters in states like Florida and Tennessee, as well as on the national level, approved of such tactics.

But while many walked OUT of school on Wednesday, one teacher couldn’t even walk IN. California’s Rocklin High School placed history teacher Julianne Benzel on leave after she asked her students whether the school would also tolerate a pro-life walk-out, reported CBS 13.

Benzel didn’t discourage students from walking out to support gun control, but thought that there was a double standard when it came to other causes.

Now obviously what happened in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month was tragic. But do you really think THESE messages are going to fix anything:

The Cavalier Daily reported University of Virginia students carrying signs saying “Gun Control Now #Enough” and “Kids greater than guns.” What does that even mean? Like who are you arguing against with that — is there anyone out there saying guns are more important than kids? Another sign said “arm teachers with $$$! Not guns!” because apparently pocketbooks lined with a lot of dollar bills will stop bullets.

CNN reported that after the 17-minute walk-out, some students continued rallying instead of actually, you know, going back to class where they could maybe explore public policy a little beyond this #Enough that LA students spelled out by lying on a football field. But who are we kidding — the curriculum is probably just as partisan and facile.

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