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University of Trent

Prof: ‘Most Of The Nice People I Know Are Racist’



“Anti-oppressive educator” Dr. Michael Cappello, a University of Regina professor, gave a speech Monday at the University of Trent, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. He titled his presentation “It’s OK to Be Against Whiteness,” a play on the “It’s OK to be white” posters mischievous 4Chan users put up on college campuses last fall.

Cappello argues that since white Canadians oppressed Native Americans in the past, the “it’s OK to be white” posters are not just offensive, but actually violent.

Something tells me he’s not talking about paper cuts there. The professor defines whiteness as a system encompassing white dominance, privilege, and presumed superiority, but he can’t seem to wrap his head around why white is perceived as normal.

Believe it or not, Dr. Cappello, there are actual reasons why white is considered normal…namely, the fact that around three-quarters of Americans and Canadians are white. So if you plopped me down anywhere in those countries and told me to look outside, the first person I’d see would normally be white.

The professor argues that anti-white racism is not racism, but prejudice. The answer to this little proposal from the good doctor must always be a resounding “no.” When the left redefines anti-white racism as “prejudice,” they’re not doing so for empathy, “historical accuracy,” or any other benevolent purpose. No. Make no mistake, they’re doing it for power. They recognize that, like “illegal alien,” the word “racism” has a certain kind of power, a certain intrinsic persuasion that “prejudice” and “undocumented immigrant” simply don’t have. Words are our greatest weapons in the culture war…don’t let these heretics take away yours.


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