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Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana Uni Segregates Blacks And Whites For White Supremacy Lecture



Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis’ “White Racial Literacy Project” will consist of talks like one by Dr. Frances Kendall entitled “White People’s Right to Be Wrong and Still Be Right,” reported Campus Reform. Kendall focuses on whiteness and white supremacy and will first be talking to white faculty and staff for two hours, then white students for an hour and fifteen minutes, and finally faculty and students of color for an hour.

And Kendall isn’t the only “White Racial Literacy Project” speaker to have segregated time slots. Indiana University’s other two speakers for the event also follow the same time table.

I’m not sure if this school has been reading headlines lately, but segregating people by race doesn’t always have the best outcomes. And I’m not even talking about the 19th and 20th centuries. Remember Evergreen State’s Day of Absence when white students and faculty were supposed to leave campus for a day and the ensuing riot when Professor Bret Weinstein didn’t? How about separate dorms at Hampshire College for “historically marginalized” students or the University of Maryland – College Park’s “White Awake” safe space for white students?

And this is happening right up to the most prestigious schools in the nation. I did a video back in December about some minority students who were upset that white students were “invading” black “affinity spaces” at Princeton University.

Is there an antidote to the insanity? Well, Princeton’s private, but some of these schools are PUBLIC and do receive state funding. Cultural Marxist professors and administrators are keen to spread their ideology, but something tells me they’d be less willing to do it for free.


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