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Arizona State University

Antifa Burns Flyer Honoring Cop Killed By Illegal



An Arizona Antifa member got handcuffed Sunday after he reportedly assaulted a patriotic activist who was part of a flyer-hanging campaign on campus, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A patriot group called Unite America First hung up flyers depicting individuals who have been killed by illegal aliens. There was Brandon Mendoza, a police officer slain by an illegal alien who wasn’t deported after crimes in 1994 and went on to kill Mendoza in a head-on collision two decades later when the alien drove the wrong way with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. They hung up posters of Grant Ronnebeck, shot by an illegal alien robbing his convenience store. And of course, there was Kate Steinle, shot by an illegal alien who had been deported from the US five times before shooting Steline.

Antifa wasn’t too pleased with these flyers, presumably because illegal aliens outrank the innocents they kill on the progressive victim hierarchy.

A Phoenix Antifa group burnt at least one of the Mendoza flyers, posing very thoughtfully with middle fingers and what seems to be an Antifa gang sign.

Antifascist Action Phoenix said they “successfully removed hundreds of racist posters and symbols and then had a nice barbecue.” They put scare quotes around “illegal” and say “no person is illegal and cherry picking 3 cases out of millions to boost your racist agenda is [BS].”

What an argument. You have to wonder, do Antifa cover their faces with bandanas to mask their identity, or to stop all of that stupid from tumbling out of their mouths?


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