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Students for Justice in Palestine

Pro-Palestinian Students Hate Jews



Saturday, January 27, is Holocaust Remembrance Day, a time to reflect on the tragedy and honor the millions of lives it tore apart. But it’s also a time to consider modern attitudes held by different groups, towards Jewish people. The watchdog group Canary Mission has researched some pro-Palestinian university students who have very bizarre thoughts about Jewish people and the Holocaust. Let’s take a look.

“Holy crap man, Hitler should have killed the Jews when he had the chance that dog,” said Amal Tabel, who was a member of the University of Houston’s SJP chapter.

Well, he did, but I guess six million wasn’t enough for you, Amal. Or what about Ismail Said Aboukar, a University of Texas, Arlington SJP member who tweeted “#LiesToldInSchool the Holocaust”? Here’s another UT Arlington SJPer, Heba Asi, who said “I honestly don’t feel that sypathetic [sic] about the Holocaust..#SorryNotSorry.”

But there are even more disturbing remarks. I reported on attendees of the 2017 National Students for Justice in Palestine conference earlier this month and here’s what some of them had to say:

Saint Xavier University student Samer Alhato tweeted “Barack Obama, shut up about gay marriage and go kill all the Jews.” Halima Eid from San Diego State University said “we should just stone all the Zionists to death, Palestinian style.”

I wish I could tell you these are one-offs — and that the SJP examples I just gave you are isolated — but they’re part of a larger trend of pro-Palestinian student hatred of Jewish people and their intolerance of pro-Israel events. It’s one thing to discuss the historical and political issues that make up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But it’s another to spread outright lies and make fanatical calls for violence. If Students for Justice in Palestine really want justice, they should try to do more of the former and less of the latter.


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