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San Diego State University

College Stages ICE ‘Raid’ to Help Students Understand Oppression




San Diego State University required students to watch skits about alleged oppression, including one in which ICE comes to take an illegal alien mother away from her daughter. 

The school’s residential education office is called “Journey to a Shared Humanity,” in which “participants [were] guided through a series of vignettes that highlight the many forms of oppression people face every day,” reported The College Fix.

“I don’t want you to be scared, but I just need you to understand,” said the mother in the ICE skit. “You may not be able to go back to school for a while.”

“ICE! Open up!” another performer called, knocking on a door.

“I have to go,” said the mom. “Don’t let them teach you to be scared of others that don’t sound or look like you. Okay, stay quiet and stay put.”

In another skit, a student expresses concern about her Muslim roommate, saying she did not “feel comfortable sharing a room with someone who could be related to a terrorist.” Was this skit based on a real-life conversation? Even if it was, switching dorms because you don’t like your roommate — for any reason — isn’t oppression; it’s freedom of association, a concept of which we know some schools like Harvard aren’t too fond. Heck, they might ban single-gender groups like frats and sororities entirely.

Other scenes featured unhinged leftist parodies of bigotry. One student calls another student’s disability fake and says “a real disability is being blind or deaf or in a wheelchair.”

“You’re faking it,” the student-actor says. When have you ever heard a student say such things, to anyone? Kindergarteners, maybe…but we’re talking about college students here who have been taught that it’s impolite to question someone’s disability.

Here’s another one.

“You’re like my dad’s age,” one student said in the skit. “What are you doing in school?”

“Well, I actually served our country for 25 years,” another actor responds. “Now I’m back.”

“Yeah, but I mean why come back at all? What do you have to offer this late in life?”

Again, no one says this. This honestly reeks of some hysterical leftist’s caricature of a meanypants.

Now, some of these students and performers might just be really masochistic and crave the self-flagellation (and that’s like brushing their teeth for progressives), but some students were actually forced to attend this re-education skit. Madness at publicly-funded universities? It may be that only you, the taxpayer, can make this end.


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