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Meet The Professors & Institutions Unabashedly Endorsing Antifa



Faceless, nameless, leaderless, these are some of the qualities that typically come to mind when discussing Antifa. But the vigilante men in black have documented supporters in academia.

Stanford professor David Palumbo-Liu and Purdue professor Bill Mullen started the Campus Antifascist Network to “stem the rise of fascism, whether proudly displayed in hateful exclusionary slogans and posters, or disguised as ‘free speech.'”

The Campus Antifascist Network lists endorsements from around 30 organizations and 50 individuals. If you scroll down, you’ll see a law professor, a few sociology professors, and several English professors. But disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, and math do not seem to be represented.

There are some pretty famous — or infamous — scholars on the list. There’s George Ciccariello-Maher, the “white genocide” Drexel University professor who said the Las Vegas massacre is what happens when white people don’t get what they want.

There’s Sujata Moori, the Middlebury College professor who teaches Playing Dead: Feminist Readings Of Crime Drama, a very useful class definitely worth your tuition money to learn how to apply “a feminist lens” to “explore the grammar of this genre in terms of race, class, gender, and sexuality.”

There’s also Johnny E. Williams, the Trinity College professor who called white people “inhuman a**holes” and said “let them f***ing die.” Williams shared an article describing how “a lesbian black woman helped take down the man who shot Steve Scalise.” The article suggests that  purported “victims of bigotry” should not help defend alleged “oppressors.”

Palumbo-Liu, one of the professors who founded Campus Antifascist Network, frames his vision for the group as one of “defense in various forms of those who are being threatened by fascists,” but who is a fascist and what constitutes a threat? It’s precisely this nebulous language that allows Antifa to justify responding to“hate speech” or some kind of “verbal violence” with actual, physical violence.

University of Washington

Pro-Life Cross Vandal Compares Pro-Life To Flat-Earth



A guy recently ripped crosses representing aborted babies out of the ground at Whatcom Community College in Washington state, according to Campus Reform. He also compared pro-life claims to flat-Earth, which, putting aside the gap in scientific evidence for those two views, also doesn’t bear much water statistically: two percent of adult Americans believe in flat-Eath whereas nearly half are pro-life. Just in case, for some reason, you needed some kind of logical refutation to that.

So it looks like the pro-life students were able to get a hold of a campus authority, who made the student put the crosses back, but remember that this isn’t the only time we’ve witnessed this kind of behavior. Remember Texas State?

And back to Washington state, the flat-Earth comparison wasn’t the only insane birth-related remark to be made recently. University of Washington professor Stephen Warren responded to someone saying “In terms of carbon emissions … there’s probably nothing worse we can do on an individual basis than take an intercontinental flight” by saying “Actually, there is something worse: having a child.”

Because you know, planes…children, these things are completely analogous. Professor Warren said “By choosing to reproduce, you’re responsible for some fraction of the carbon-dioxide emissions of your children and grandchildren, and all their descendants. This is your ‘carbon legacy.’”

Mhmmmm. That’s, of course, the same logic that has now made reparations a serious part of political discourse.

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Princeton University

Princeton Prof: Trump ‘Enacting Terror’ On Illegal Aliens



Princeton professor Eddie Glaude claimed that not only is President Trump motivated by cruelty — you know, not only is he just a big meanypants — but he’s actually, in fact, committing terrorism, reported Campus Reform.

That’s right, conservabros, Trump is the real terrorist. I feel like how libs must feel when Dinesh D’Souza says “Democrats are the real racists.” Anyways, Eddie was referring to Twitter comments Trump made Monday in which he said that “next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in.”

You’ll notice there’s no mention of the wall there but back to the whole parents separated by kids talking point. Yes, some parents may be scared that this will happen, but if you’ve come over legally, there’s nothing to fear. See, this is what we call a deterrent. We know catch and release has been a catastrophe because, shocker, there’s no incentive for illegals to come back for their court date. What’s the risk of coming over if you know there will be absolutely no consequences for your actions?

Remember that this isn’t the only Princeton professor who seemingly wants to scrap the whole notion of borders. I’ve reported before on fellow African American studies professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, who’s tweeted “abolish ICE,” as well as “No human is illegal. Open the border. Let them all in.”

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University of Virginia

Mayor: Trade Jefferson’s Birthday For Emancipation Holiday



Jefferson’s birthday falls on April 13 and, up until now, Charlottesville has designated the nearest working day a paid holiday. But all that might change if city Mayor Nikuyah Walker gets her way, according to Campus Reform. The mayor suggested ditching Jefferson’s birthday as a paid holiday in exchange for Liberation and Freedom Day, which celebrates Charlottesville’s emancipation of slaves.

Walker didn’t really expand on the suggestion, but a little more vocal was city Councilor Wes Bellamy. You know, the Wes Bellamy who used to serve as vice mayor and tweeted stuff like “I DONT LIKE WHIT[E] PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW” and “White women=Devil.”

Bellamy condemned Jefferson for being a slaveowner, which, if that’s our standard for not honoring someone, kind of excludes quite a few people before 1865. He also claimed that Jefferson raped his slave Sally Hemings. But I’ve reported before that DNA tests, as well as several Jefferson scholars indicate that Hemings didn’t give birth to ANY children by Jefferson.

The College Republicans at Charlottesville’s University of Virginia, the school Jefferson founded, criticized the mayor’s proposal, but I wasn’t too impressed with some of the language they used. The group called the Jefferson issue “complicated” and “complex” and said they were “dismayed” by the mayor’s proposal.

I really wanted to see them excoriate Walker, put her on blast. But the conservatives at my alma mater don’t seem to be of the fighting variety. UVA’s College Republicans rescinded its endorsement for Donald Trump after the Access Hollywood tape just a month before he won the 2016 election.

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