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Meet The Professors & Institutions Unabashedly Endorsing Antifa



Faceless, nameless, leaderless, these are some of the qualities that typically come to mind when discussing Antifa. But the vigilante men in black have documented supporters in academia.

Stanford professor David Palumbo-Liu and Purdue professor Bill Mullen started the Campus Antifascist Network to “stem the rise of fascism, whether proudly displayed in hateful exclusionary slogans and posters, or disguised as ‘free speech.'”

The Campus Antifascist Network lists endorsements from around 30 organizations and 50 individuals. If you scroll down, you’ll see a law professor, a few sociology professors, and several English professors. But disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, and math do not seem to be represented.

There are some pretty famous — or infamous — scholars on the list. There’s George Ciccariello-Maher, the “white genocide” Drexel University professor who said the Las Vegas massacre is what happens when white people don’t get what they want.

There’s Sujata Moori, the Middlebury College professor who teaches Playing Dead: Feminist Readings Of Crime Drama, a very useful class definitely worth your tuition money to learn how to apply “a feminist lens” to “explore the grammar of this genre in terms of race, class, gender, and sexuality.”

There’s also Johnny E. Williams, the Trinity College professor who called white people “inhuman a**holes” and said “let them f***ing die.” Williams shared an article describing how “a lesbian black woman helped take down the man who shot Steve Scalise.” The article suggests that  purported “victims of bigotry” should not help defend alleged “oppressors.”

Palumbo-Liu, one of the professors who founded Campus Antifascist Network, frames his vision for the group as one of “defense in various forms of those who are being threatened by fascists,” but who is a fascist and what constitutes a threat? It’s precisely this nebulous language that allows Antifa to justify responding to“hate speech” or some kind of “verbal violence” with actual, physical violence.

University of Kansas

Telling Kid To Learn English Gets Prof SUSPENDED



“Diversity” is the word of the day here on Campus Unmasked. And when we say “diversity,” we mean embracing multiculturalism to the point where you can’t assume that your neighbor shares one of the most integral building blocks of society — a common language — with you. Not only can you not assume that, but you can get suspended from your job for even suggesting that they learn it.

Gary Minden, an engineering professor at the University of Kansas, saw an international student in his class using Google Translate and suggested that the kiddo “learn English,” according to The College Fix. After this heinous crime, the school suspended Gary and assigned another instructor to his class. The professor said that the international student didn’t take offense, but other students did.

Gary apparently ended up having to have an hour-long conversation with students. He said “As the discussion evolved, I started asking simple questions, ‘What would you do? How would you do it?’ Things like that” “Unfortunately I didn’t manage the class and many students were upset.”

There needs to be some social stigma pushing you to learn English. Whether the international student was embarrassed by Gary’s comment or simply took it logically and said “yeah, I better learn English if I want a good job in America,” it’s important to have that cultural pressure.

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New York University

Student Who Chewed Out Chelsea Clinton Gets DRAGGED



New York University student Leen Dweik really seemed to want to place the blame for the New Zealand massacre on Chelsea Clinton, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Chelsea Clinton may be guilty of many things — if you read Tucker’s Ship of Fools, he really lays into her for what’s almost surely nepotism — but it would be pretty tough for even the most imaginative debater to lay the blame for the Christchurch massacre at her feet. Also, when this charge comes from the spitting image of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with those hoop earrings and a shirt reading “college for all, medicare for all, jobs for all,” I’m a little less likely to take it seriously.

Anyways, it’s always interesting to take a closer look at these leftists who believe words have the power of life and death and take a look at some of their own rhetoric. Earlier this month, Leen tweeted out what looks to be something someone else said to her: “you’re only interested in demolishing Israel, not in finding a solution,” with her response “uh demolishing Israel IS a solution,” reported Israellycool.

The NYU student has since apologized for and deleted this tweet, as well as ones in which she said a gay slur, but also made this comment, apparently trying to peg the reaction to her spat with Chelsea on, you’ll never guess — racism: “[it] says a lot about the current state of affairs when a white boy can egg a senator and be applauded as a hero while i, as a [P]alestinian [M]uslim woman, am being publicly vilified for confronting someone who has deeply hurt me and my community with her rhetoric.”

She’s, of course, referencing 17-year-old Will Connolly, who smashed an egg on the head of Australian Sen. Fraser Anning, who blamed Muslim migration for the massacre. Leen called that attack “sick” and I don’t think she meant it in a negative way, but back to her point, I’m actually not quite sure why she got more hate than Will, if that’s even true. It could be racism, as she suggests, but then again, I’m not too thrilled about trusting someone who has this many anti-white tweets to make a judgment call on that.

In today’s outrage culture with investigative tweet teams like Media Matters and obviously some on the right: if you’re going to get up in someone’s face and try to blame some kind of “hate speech” for one of the worst modern slaughters, you better be gosh darn sure that you practice what you preach.

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Rider University

Prof: Not Believing White Privilege Is Like Flat-Earth



Rider University’s political science department typically sends emails to students promoting upcoming events at the school. But when Turning Point USA wanted to host a “White Privilege Is A Myth” event, department chair Barbara Franz wrote back, saying “The [department] cannot support an event that is entitled ‘White Privilege is a Myth’ because the event advertises a false reality, that is not based on scientific facts and a clear understanding of historic realities….It promotes ‘fake facts,’” reported Campus Reform.

Fake facts. You know, as decided by the totally objective arbiter of truth who, according to the CV on her faculty page, has apparently spent the past two decades of her life cloistered away in the echo chamber of academia. Also, I hate using this argument, but one of the speakers refuting white privilege at the planned event is black so if Barbara subscribes to the SJW school of thought, isn’t it her moral duty to defer to his opinion?

Now after the political science chair made those initial remarks, she apparently got harassing emails. But looking through the ones posted in the local Rider News piece, I’ve gotta be honest; they don’t seem all that bad. The header image message says “libtards are destroying America” and called Rider a “snowflake school,” another calls Barbara an “ethnomasochistic” “anti-white racist” — yeah, um, that’s actually not beyond the pale of reason — and this third one mentions “authoritarian censorship” from the “alt-left.”

Well, I don’t think alt-left is really going to catch on, but still, not really harassing. And it doesn’t look like Barbara has reconsidered her perspective and her liberal privilege at all because she told the local outlet “We shouldn’t have to [advertise the event] because we are a political science department. Our [department] is based on empirical, quantitative science. There is no science behind that [white privilege is a myth] statement. Actually, the science points quite in the opposite direction.” She then compared the political science department hosting an event disputing white privilege to an astronomy department advertising a “flat-earth” event.

You heard it here first, fam. If you don’t believe in magic melanin that gets people into college, gets them sick jobs, etc., you might as well be a flat-earther.

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