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University of Santa Cruz

Republican Meeting Shut Down By Radicals



The University of California Santa Cruz College Republicans were conducting a peaceful meeting in the school’s library when left-wing activists stormed the gathering and shut it down. In a Facebook post, fellow student, Haik Adamian called the Republicans white supremacists and fascists, and called on other students to disrupt their gathering.

Protestors barged in on the meeting, demanded it be shut down and refused to leave. A staff member attempted to intervene to end the disturbance but she was berated by the protestors. The protest continued for almost two hours until the police were called.

To her credit, the Santa Cruz College Democrat president, Weslyn Church, took to Facebook to express her displeasure with the protestors’ actions, and of course, she was then subjected to abuse.

This is deeply upsetting as Church deserves credit for sticking up for the First Amendment and for her fellow students, even those on opposite sides of the political aisle. Protecting freedom of speech should never be a partisan issue.


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